That is the three main ideas behind the Praise and Coffee Movement.

Every quarter, we publish a new online magazine.

Praise And Coffee Magazine


Magazine’s are available in print form through issu.

Sue Cramer and I sat at her kitchen table and dreamed of the possibility of having a magazine…God took our dream and made it a reality.

I still get goosebumps over it all.

To learn more about Praise and Coffee, visit Sue’s website – Praise and Coffee.

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For magazine subscriptions, view our guidelines here.

In the summer 2013 magazine, I have an article on Freedom In a Life Lived Authentically and Mud (of course).

To read why we are on hiatus, read here.  

Our Vision~
To see women connect, encourage and inspire one another through Praise and Coffee groups meeting in every state and across the world!

Our Mission~

Connecting Women~

* Encouraging women to start a Praise and Coffee group in their community.

* By the ‘Praise and Coffee Connections’ on our Facebook page.

* Through sharing our pictures and stories of women and the power of
connection in our quarterly magazine.

* By welcoming all Praise and Coffee group leaders into our private Facebook group and giving each woman a place to belong and be loved.

Encouraging Growth~

* Praise and Coffee groups offer women a safe and non-judgmental environment to share the journey of life which creates an atmosphere for growth.

* The menu options allow us to connect with women on similar journeys and grow through relationships enriched with commonality.

* The springboard (curriculum found in the magazine) compels us to dig into God’s Word and let it be life to us in our current circumstances.

Inspiring Change~

* Inspire means to “breathe in” and we believe that connecting with women through Praise and Coffee groups helps women “breathe in” fresh hope by hearing each other’s stories.

* We’re changed when we dare to step out beyond our comfort levels and be our authentic self to those around us, no more masks.

* Inspiring change by unpacking our faith with women on similar journey’s and choosing not to shrink back but to live our lives boldly as God intended.

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