Over the summer of 2013, I began a new adventure in my boring (haha!) life…

Mary Kay Consultant!

Mary Kay is an exciting company to work for and be a part of.

I began in this as a total surprise to me.  My husband completely shocked me, informed me that I would be very good as at Mary Kay.  Because he was brilliant enough to marry ME, I sort of had to take his words to heart.

When my Mary Kay bag arrived, I had my husband and boys all sit around the table to be my first facials…

Mary Kay class with my boys!

Mary Kay class with my boys!

Now that was fun.  And despite the look on S4’s face, memorable for sure!

After trying the TimeWise set, my nine year old son looked in the mirror and declared, “Wowee!  I look like I am five again!”

That’s some powerful stuff. :)

My boys are pretty excited about the whole Mary Kay way of life as well.  They got some new cologne and I told them, in my most grown up serious voice, that women and girls can not stand the smell of Axe and with them using Mary Kay cologne they would be the best smelling boys in school.

It worked.  They love their Mary Kay cologne and it makes them feel all grown up.

And Mama got to try a whole new look…

New Mary Kay look!

New Mary Kay look!

Now I get to have girl days regularly with a Mary Kay skin care classes and Mary Kay meetings.  Believe me, I am really liking these girl days to talk over skin care, eye color, lip sticks, lip glosses, nail polish and LIFE.  These women aren’t looking at me like I am an alien like my boys do.  Now I get to update my look as often as I like as well and that is way more fun than it should be.

Please let me know if I can help answer any questions you have about Mary Kay.  Through my website I can send out orders all over the country…that makes me feel even closer to all my blogging friends.

My boys figure if it’s good enough for Jessica from Duck Dynasty (seriously, click the link, it’s Jessica and her Mary Kay Lady Heather!), it’s good enough for their Mama…and is suddenly super cool.

Jessica Robertson

Jessica Robertson

My first year in Mary Kay was slow to start.  Then it ended up being phenomenal with a $1,000 sale week – SERIOUSLY! – and also earned my red jacket.  It is stylish, let me tell you!



I did not expect my life to be influenced by Mary Kay as much as it is!  I have some amazing friends I didn’t know I needed.


Sarah Stiger, my director. She is like my mom in Mary Kay. I love her to pieces! She always encourages me and is more than teammate, she is a dear friend.


How I love these girls! Ang and Kristy are two of my dearest friends and I miss them like crazy when I don’t see them at Mary Kay Meetings. How did I do life before knowing them?


I have a tiara, please note this. :) This is Amy. And Amy is my soul sister. I can’t put into words my appreciation that Amy is a friend of mine.


Red Jacket Day! This is the day I earned my and showed off my Red Jacket. HOW I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!!!

Mary Kay has been an amazing journey.  It’s had some pretty amazing highs (like when I took our entire family to the White Caps (a local baseball team) off money I had earned!) and some lows too.  The great thing about Mary Kay is you can set it all aside for a bit and come back to it later and it’s still there all ready to work for you.

You could join my team!  I love helping women on the Mary Kay journey!

GREAT TIME to join my team! All I need is your email to get your started! Click the photo for more information!

Please visit my website and let me know if I can be of any help to you.  Mary Kay is a great company, their products are guaranteed and you can try them before they buy them.  When you buy Mary Kay from me, you support our family one more way.  Thank you!


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