Here is the page dedicated to “everything else” I would want you to know if you are visiting my blog (thank you for visiting my blog!)…


~For speaking (MOPS, events, etc)

Please email me at lifewithfourboys at gmail dot com


Contact me via message on my Life With Four Boys…Coffee Please facebook page.

Some posts (other than the blog in it’s entirety ;) ) for you to look at could be…

The Woman at the Well

Frustrated with Religion

Study with Jen Hatmaker

The entire collection of Praise and Coffee

Constant silliness and mud with my boys. That’s sorta a given.


~Blog Design

If you like the look of my blog, if you have blogging questions, if you need to know anything tech, you need Becca Ludlum.

Becca is a blogger, freelance writer, and basic blog designer (that means she loves playing with Photoshop, but doesn’t know html code). She lives in the middle of the Arizona desert with her husband and two boys, and can’t imagine life getting any better. Peek into her life at, or connect withher on twitter @BeccaLudlum.

~Blogs I never tire of reading…

Of course, my Praise and Coffee girls…

Sue Cramer at Praise and Coffee

Ronel Sydney at Chosen for More

Cohagen Chronicles

My Crazy Good Life

Big Mama

Jen Hatmaker

~I couldn’t cook without…

My mom’s recipes and…

The Pioneer Woman

Crockin’ Girls

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    How am I just seeing this?! Thank you, friend ;)

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