An about page all about us! How fun!  How thrilling you want to know all about us!

And now I have no idea what to say…

Well, how’s this?  I began blogging in 2009 when Sue Cramer told me I should.  I told her I didn’t have anything to say.  I guess she was right on and I was mistaken.

In 2013, Becca Ludlum said, “Let’s make this blog look like you!” and she changed it to this beautiful site.  So here we are.

What is this blog about?  Well, these boys and me…

My life, summed up

This photo sums us up pretty well.  I have these insane adorable boys who call me Mama and my life is all the better for it.  I tell you all the funny stories we survive together and you can all be thankful you aren’t us.

All this would not be possible without my handsome husband, Jake.  He makes me laugh every single day and I fall in love with him more all the time.  We were married in 1997 and that is “way back before 2000’s, in the olden days” as my younger boys say.


The boys are…

S1, Andrew.


Andrew and his first truck

He makes me old because he is taller than me EVEN WHEN I AM IN HEELS.  I know.  He’s mean like that, getting all grown up.  He is our mechanic, hunter, farmer, inventor boy, woodworker (he has the best coffee table in the ENTIRE STATE OF MICHIGAN in our house).

State Champ!!!! (and also a photo of my parents)

State Champ!!!!
(and also a photo of my parents)

S2, Isaac.



Isaac is our sports boy.  He could play sports all the time, every day.  He is quick to help and is pretty sure he is going to grow up to be a farmer like his Daddy, but he may have to farm on the side if the A Team calls and says they need him to be the new Face.

S3, Eli.



Eli will hug you and write you a sweet note and hide his homework so he doesn’t have to do it and annoy his brothers to the point of frustration.  He tames snakes and has his own toaster oven for practicing cooking so one day he can make a gourmet meal.

S4, Abraham.



Abe is our comedian.  He will take the world by storm and talk your ear off and sing a song over and over and over and over to the point of making you crazy.  There isn’t a stuffed animal he doesn’t love or a brother he could take down – he’s sure – because he is that tough. He is trying to figure out how to play football for Michigan State University without going to college and then having the Lions hire him.

In 2010, a local news station thought we were so interesting that they made me the Fox 17 Morning Mom.  They sent us on little trips around West Michigan and interviewed us regularly over Skype. Great fun times!

In other news…

Sue Cramer and I worked together on Praise and Coffee the Magazine.  Sue was the brains and it is her baby, I’m  thankful I was the co-editor.  It’s was great blessing!  Now she is busy with her Mezzo coffee shop but the three of us on the P and C team get together and brain storm still.


If you want to get to know us because you are new to the blog, here are some of my most popular posts….

The time Dave Ramsey promoted my blog because I said I didn’t like him. Really.  It’s had 80 plus thousand hits.  Apparently it sorta hit a nerve, who knew?

The time I went camping and was found naked…that’s a great one. Or at least, my friends think so. Me, not so much.

There was this time my husband had a colonoscopy.  Holy stinking cow, hilarious.

There are TONS of stories of the things my boys convince me to cook.  Like the time we had woodchuck for dinner.

How one of our sons stood up for his values, and later how we ended up pulling him out of school to homeschool him.

When I am not busy being wife/mom I am blogging (writing is my favorite!), working at the library (with Alicia) and meeting friends at sports things and coffee shops.

How Alicia, T and I do home football games.

How Alicia, T and I do home football games.

In 2015 I announced we were leaving the farm and how to not sell your farmhouse.  We began a whole new adventure living in town with the world’s cutest puppy Liberty (and how she and Jake may be the reason we didn’t have neighbors in town for awhile).  We thought living on the farm was an adventure.  Town life is a whole new fun.

Thank you for stopping by, watching us grow up and making my boys think I am all kinds of famous!



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