So, let us state the obvious that this post is a week late.  Please forgive me, I have been tired.

But, I could not at all imagine having a Joy Post week without having one whole post for THE Wedding.

Andrew and Gretchen said “I do” eight days ago in her home church, a tiny little Mennonite church she has grown up in and she and Andrew have attended for the past year.  Then they had a reception outdoors under a tent with the countryside wide open around us.

Never have I ever seen those two smile more.  Big, big grins all day long.  It was wonderful to behold.

Honestly, I have not written on my own about the wedding so I don’t have all my words to tell you how it feels as a mama watching her son wed.  But I will tell you that when he took my arm to walk me down the isle, I suddenly burst into big tears.  I had thought I was doing well…until then.  I was as surprised as Andrew was when the tears came.

But the day was wonderful, full of joy and happiness and all the good things it should be.

As my blog cannot seem to post photos these days, I made a video of a bunch of photos.  Here is what you need to know about them:

  • I didn’t have my phone with me during the wedding and reception so I had to see who sent me what photos.  My Aunt Randi sent me so many and I loved loved loved seeing the wedding from her eyes.  It was an unexpected and precious gift to me.
  • My neighbor (and friend!) did my hair and make up and it was so fun and glam.
  • A friend of mine showed up with meals for us.  Not just a meal, but a lunch, a dessert, and some bread for breakfast.  I had told people we needed nothing, she didn’t listen to me and I am glad she didn’t because she literally was a hero to all of us that week.

Andrew and Gretchen, I am ecstatic for you.  I so look forward to this new life with you as our relationship changes…and will always be changing.  How I love you both.  Forgive me for still crying unexpectedly upon seeing the two of you.  And I promise, one day you will show up and I will not bombard you with all the food from my fridge, empty the cookie jar for you and top off all your cups with iced tea – I know you are capable of cooking on your own, it’s just my way of telling you I love you so.

Here is the video I put together of some snapshots of the wedding.  I am sure more photos will come soon(ishly).

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