Certain we would have TONS of things to talk about in the Joy department this week, I was so looking forward to this Monday post.  I mean, it’s my birthday week!

Instead it’s Wednesday and we are busy preparing for a funeral for my husband’s brother.  We have known this time would come, I guess we just didn’t expect it so soon.

There has been a lot going on over here.  Risking being vulnerable, I reached out to a friend earlier in the week and she delivered to my door a book of prayers and a big big hug.

Earlier today I texted this to a friend.  “This is what I am currently praying “God, I always say I see you in the tiniest of details. But right now, I don’t. I don’t hear you. So maybe show up? Let me just follow you around so I don’t have to think? Maybe say audible words? Let off some fire works so I know you are here?””

My mom came over today.  I worked at the election polls yesterday (see? Another Joy I was so looking forward to sharing!) and she knew I would be so tired from the long day.  She knew I was about to go into some emotionally tough days ahead so she brought me flowers and helped me clean my house.  My mom knew that in the hustle and bustle, I would want to come home and just be at rest.  My mom scrubbed my toilet, people.  Mom love never dies.

As I was walking out of my now clean dining room where I don’t hang out in the summer, I noticed my chalk board.  It hangs by our front door.

I wrote this awhile ago.

God gave me fireworks, in my own penmanship.

That, people, is how you find some Joy in the every day.


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So we have some things going on over here right now and my mom showed up unannounced and said “I am here to help. Let’s clean your house!” She knew the week I was coming off of and the week I was about to have and she knew I would want to come home and relax. She knew what I needed. She was so right. We were cleaning and I was thinking how overwhelmed I am. And how I am having a hard time seeing and hearing God right now. Then I happened to come through my dining room and stopped to read what I had written here a week of so ago. I asked God for fireworks to show me He was listening to my prayers. And He answered in my own penmanship. @anniefdowns #100DaysToBrave #100DaysToBraveSummer

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Also, I “stumbled” upon this song this week.  I was headed into town for a last minute something I had to do and this song came on.  I had never heard it before.  Usually I wouldn’t even say TobyMac spoke to me….but this song did.

This week, can I selfishly just ask you to pray?  We need some prayers.  Thank you.


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