This week I have headed to my computer to write a Joy Post out while the memories were fresh and every day, every single day, Hank our cat is lying on my computer.  He looks so peaceful I hate to make him move so I check on him all day long.  He just moved.  It’s 7pm.  My computer is covered in long black cat hair and pollen from my sunflower bouquet.

But it’s all good.

Jake is washing potatoes for me.  He grew over 350 potatoes and he is just beginning to harvest them which is GOOD because we are doing a big dinner for Isaac this weekend as he is soon to be leaving for the Navy.  I cut up a bushel of potatoes today and cooked them for this weekend.

Now that I am ten weeks (and a lot of big life events) out from asking the daily of question of “What is YOUR JOY today?” and reminding people to find Joy in the Everyday, I find myself looking harder for it now.  I mean, I used to say out loud “Joy post for today!” when I noticed the joys of the day and now I am mentally reminding myself to limit what I say here (to make it readably manageable) and in the process I don’t look specifically for something every day.

This occurred to me because of a frog.

Outside my kitchen window I have a little fountain.  A friend gave it to me this spring and I am loving it.  I can hear it trickling away while I work in my kitchen.  It has some kinks we need to work out but over all, it’s been a highlight of the summer.  The birds at my bird feeder (the boys claim I am feeding all the birds in town.  I told them not to mess with me about my birds.) now use it as a bird bath and recently two frogs moved in.  These frogs make Eli, Abe and I laugh daily.  They are just the best fun.  And the frogs reminded me of how I used to be on the lookout daily for these types of moments.  The frogs could have their own daily updates.

So I think I am going to start jotting down my daily joys in my planner.

For Christmas my mom and dad purchased a Christian Planner for me.  I may have rolled my eyes a little at it and was a bit turned off by the very blah black and white pages.  But let me tell you something…this planner has been amazing.  People have joked how a planner was the worst investment to buy in 2020 but this has been the best planner I have ever used or used so well.  It has some blank pages between every week for sermon notes and so forth but I am going to start recording my joys there.  These blank pages have been a gift.  Today I had Eli (S3) and Abe (S4) write to me what some of their best summer memories were – they go back to school on Monday – and while we were waiting for rain (that did not come and is desperately needed) they wrote some things down.  I am so thankful I have planner space for little notes from my boys scattered throughout.  In fact, I already purchased my 2021 planner in hopes Isaac (S2) can drop me a few notes before he leaves for the Navy.

Anyhow…joys that are not planner and frog related.


I have some brand new dahlias blooming this week and I am in love with them.  How on earth did God have an imagination so wonderful to design the intricacies of so many flowers?

Sunflowers (specifically)

Eli (S3) saved some seeds from sunflowers last year and planted them this spring.  He is selling them by our house right now but every time he goes out to pick new bouquets, he brings me the prettiest one.  If it has lots of dark colors in it, he is adding it to my bouquet.  I can’t help but smile whenever I see them.

Summer Mornings

Last week Eli house sat for my aunt and uncle. On two mornings, I went over to visit him.  We sat on the back porch and drank coffee and talked over the day.  I am telling you, I got to see my son shine living on his own and those mornings are going to be special to me for a good long time.

This morning I woke up to a pink sky.  It was magical.  It was so dreamy looking it was hard to know if it was really real.  I stood on my back porch in my pjs, barefoot and just was in awe of the beauty all around me.  Before my coffee was made, the sky had turned to dark gray and remained that way for most the day today (with only a few dropfulls of rain).


Friendship has been BIG this week.

My dishwasher broke the week of the wedding and last week Monday my dad and I went to our local appliance store to find a new one.  After finding a new dishwasher and getting it loaded into my vehicle, my dad had me tag along to go visit some friends of his and let me tell you…that is a day I am not going to be forgetting.  It was wonderful to spend time with my dad, it was wonderful to meet his friends, and there were Godstops all over that visit that still give me goosebumps.  A bad/sad thing (broken dishwasher leaking into my pantry and ruining so many things) turned out to be a pretty great memory I got to share with my dad.

Right now, Abe (S4) is hanging out at a friends house with this three other good friends.  It’s their last hoorah to summer.  Their football season was cancelled and his school year is going to be weird but good gracious, those boys are just going to fish all they can tonight and tomorrow and live out their best lives on these last few days of summer.

Isaac (S2) has a friend who has just returned from military training.  I have known of this friend for a long time but not really known him – I just learned his last name this past week – but he has been over here nearly every day and it’s been such fun.  The best part?  This buddy now honks every time he drives by and it makes me so happy.

Today, Naomi texted me that she needed to run to the library and could she come over?  I was four pans into fried potatoes, I am looking ROUGH today and I am out of ice to make iced tea so my caffeine level is dangerously low.  My list of things to do is pretty long this week but I could not would not miss a visit with Naomi.  So I quick whipped up chocolate chip cookies, she walked in with knitting, and we sat on my couch and knitted and caught up and it was so indescribably exactly what I needed.  I hope she realized what a gift she gave me today.

A friend suggested doing a photo shoot of Isaac (S2) before he leaves for the Navy and let me tell you, it’s a good picture of him.  I don’t know what she all went through to pull it off but goodness gracious, what a gift she gave us.

Just like all the tables and chairs friends are showing up with this week so we can send off Isaac with a goodbye party.

Friendship.  What a gift it is.  I think we realize more this year than in times past what a gift good friends are.

And now I have written you so very many words for a Joy Post.  So much for keeping it short…haha!

But as I wrap up, tell me….

Are you still on the lookout for joy in the everyday?

Do you have things you want to share of what brought you joy this week?

A friend of mine recently posted this: “Did you know?  You can “rewire” your brain to be happy by simply recalling 3 things you’re grateful for every day for 21 days”.  She has us listing three things every day.  I know I needed this…my anxiety and all the things this month were weighing me down…and what a simple thing to do!  But how transforming it could be! If you are struggling to find the joy, I suggest you start with this simple step…three things for 21 days.  Tell me how it works for you!


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