Six weeks of Joy Posts!  THAT makes me filled with Joy.

As a reminder of how this all began…during the quarantine, every single day I asked on facebook, instagram, twitter and snapchat (snapchat so my boys would see it…if you have teens/adults you know….) “What brought YOU JOY today?  Bonus if you have pics!”

Because every day, even in those scary days of Sheltering in Place, there was always something to be joyful about.

Joy has been my word of the year for three years now.  I talk about it a little in the very first Joy Post, which you can read HERE.  After the shelter in place was lifted, I left behind the daily Joy Posts.

But then Kristen Strong sent out a post about some random things to share with her readers and I thought “Hey, I could do that with Joys…..” But I didn’t know if I should because, well, I really felt like God wanted me to stop the Joy Post…but then that whole first post just flew from my fingers so I trusted that and posted the first Joy Post.

And every week on Monday I ask….What brought YOU JOY this week?  Don’t know?  You have a WHOLE WEEK to find it!

Because every week God shows up and gives me joy so I know He will for you too.

Some say, “Sure you can find all that happiness, your life is so idyllic!”

Thanks.  However, happiness is dependent on my emotions.  Joy comes from God.

I am thankful for these weekly keep forever posts so I can look back a year or more from now and remember how BIG God showed up this summer.

My video today?  Just a heads up, I cry in it.  Not as much as the FIRST video that I just ended and deleted.  But instead of giving up, I just pressed record again.  And I cried again, but not as much that time.

And I hope I am brave enough to post it for you.

I am writing this because I am home alone because my husband just took three of our boys to go see his brother, their uncle, who is dying of cancer.

And while they were gone, I got in a fight with a garden hose and I just started crying so much because why the garden hose was being mean to me I couldn’t understand and this made me realize maybe I am not doing so good right now.

Andrew (S1) moved out this weekend.  THAT IS A GOOD THING.  He is getting married in three weeks and this new place is so close to work so he is going to stay there alone adjusting and cooking all the food he wants to eat in a cast iron pan just the way he wants it while he gets used to being a country boy living in the city before he brings his new bride to join him. It’s a GOOD THING.  My husband keeps reminding me how great this is, how we raised them for exactly this, but there was no preparing my heart to walk into his empty bedroom when I returned home from the bridal shower on the same day he moved out.

As I said to a friend today, my chin quivering and my eyes welling up with tears as I tried to smile and failed, “How can you be SO HAPPY and SO SAD at the exact same time?”

I think of how in the book of Luke, Mary “treasured all these things in her heart”.  Yup.  I get that.

Anyhow, that all happened.

God showed up big for me again this week when someone I had NEVER met or talked to, called me and cried with me and talked with me about Isaac (S2) who is soon off to the Navy.  I can’t thank this woman enough for that phone call and again, how can I be SO PROUD of my second son and yet SO SAD to think of him leaving for five years?

My mama heart.

So guess what?  This Joy search?  This is REAL for me.  God keeps showing up moment by moment for me and so I can say with FULL CONFIDENCE, HE WILL FOR YOU TOO.

And these posts are my proof of it.

One day I’ll read these over again, or my boys will, and we’ll see how God took such good care of us in this season.  Because He is.  We don’t see it all right now, but I know God is just like He has taken care of us time after time before.

Okay, Joy.

This is a JOY POST after all, isn’t it?

Why, yes, yes it is.

Here is the video that has had me laughing ALL WEEK LONG.

After literal months of separation, it is SO GOOD to see these boys all together again.  Abe (S4) spent a LOT of time this week with some friends and while he is beyond exhausted today his heart is full.  This quarantine has messed with our kids minds so much and it’s so good to hear them laugh.  I was reminded of what great mamas I have in my life who care for my boys.  Did I mention hearing him laugh?  Oh man.  If I could tell you how many times Abe would chuckle and say, “Hey, mama, hear me out…” you would have a good indication of how happy my heart felt hearing his happiness.  Oh, it’s been a great week for Abe.

Eli (S3) dug out his rubik cubes this week and I was beaming proud of him when he sent me an email with his fastest time yet.  His email read like this….

Puzzle: 3x3x3
Time: 33.203
Scramble: R2 F2 D2 F2 D’ F2 L2 D2 U’ F2 D2 B  U  L’ F’ U  R2 D’ F’ D’ R2
Registered with Speedtimer

My best stuff just as soon as you left

and it was like getting a masterpiece that you wanted to hang on the fridge.  I was so thrilled for him!

Here is a Video of him solving the cube from back in December.

He has had a rough week looking for a job and feeling some pains of growing up and all but this, this brought a smile to his face so it brought a smile to me too.  And when I asked him how “cubing” was going and he said “pretty good” and I said….”wait, I used that word correctly? It’s really cubing?” and he nearly rolled his eyes at my dorky excitement but then again, I think he appreciated my attempt at being current in his life lingo – at least that is what I am going with!

This week I received a gift box from Dayspring/(in)courage

And by now you for sure should know how much I love my (in)courage Bible.  Well, I was just gifted another one.  And so I prayed that God would make it REALLY obvious to me who I should gift it with and sure enough, He did.

I love how God is in the tiny details.

This week I had FACE TO FACE talks with some friends.  It was so good for my soul.

I listened to the Big Boo Podcast as I always do even though it was about football which I try to like due to my boys but….I don’t get it like they do.  That said, this podcast episode had me laughing!

And in HOLD ON SQUEAL SO LOUD YOU ALL HAD TO HAVE HEARD ME, Sweet Magnolia Season Two was announced.   Currently, I just got the first book in the Sweet Magnolia series (yes, there are books!) from the library so I am reading that to help the wait for season two to get here.

ALSO, Taylor Swift released a surprise new album and you better believe that the first moment I had alone I was listening to it.

Here is this weeks video:

And it’s a good thing I recorded this Sunday because man oh man, Sunday night was hard and today is hard and so I really hope you come through with some great Joys because I have already told God today He has His work cut out BIG TIME with me.

Thanks for taking this Joy Journey with me.

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Weekend in review. Hardly had my phone with me all weekend and really this weekend was to have my phone probably. ‍♀️ Saturday we celebrated @sunnydayhorses1999 with a bridal shower. Hardly got a single photo. REALLY wanted one with Gretchen, my mom, sister, sister in law and aunt but didn’t happen. It was a great time. While I was at the shower, Andrew moved into his new apartment and his empty room hit me hard Saturday night Jake and I attended a #MAGA meet up where Jake was a hit in all his #Trump attire ❤️ Sunday I went to CHURCH and got all glammed up and it was so fun but no pics. I was sooooooooo happy to be with my people ⛪️ Sunday afternoon Jake canned pickles and I had hose issues and ended up covered in mud and dealing with soap (it’s a whole story) so I gave up on the day and listened to @taylorswift ‘s new album which led to watching her @netflix #documentary So basically, I am exhausted. And happy. And sad. And just trying to catch you all up. #findingjoyintheeveryday

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