Tell me, what is YOUR JOY today?  Bonus if you have pics to share with us!

Every Monday, let’s get together and tell each other what our joy has been for the week.  You have a whole entire week to think of something to share that brought you JOY.

Because, we are on a journey together in Finding Joy in the Everyday.

I was hanging clothes on the line today and went, GASP, it’s JOY DAY!  And I was so excited and sort of like “eek!  How am I going to get this done in time?”

It’s approximately the temperature of the sun today and the boys just arrived home from their fishing trip so I am going to ATTEMPT to have them do a JOY video with me.  Attempt is a big word.  It should be very entertaining if I can pull it off.

I asked my husband what his joy for the week was.  He is home very early today after thinking he would be over the road.  I thought he would say something about the week with no boys or the fact he is home tonight.  Nope.  He mentioned THE GEESE.

While the boys were gone, we went and got pizza (because maybe he was tired of eating chips and salsa everyday with me) and then drove out to Gun Lake to eat said pizza.  There was a big flock of geese there and he would eat the pizza, then cut up the crust and throw it at the geese to lure them in.  Toward me.  Not toward him.  Oh. No.  Just me.

That mama goose just kept hissing at me and then eating crust and making sure all the babies (that were nearly full grown) got most the crust.  It was not relaxing.

This was AFTER I had had a day already.  A hanging basket had fallen on my head.  A bee had stung my under foot while I was hanging up laundry.  A frog had jumped off the clock I had on our porch TO MY FACE then jumped off my face to my chest where I was CERTAIN it would fall in my bra but it did not.

So the geese incident on the same day seemed a little much.

Overall, the week without the boys was really restful.  I hadn’t realized how much I was craving the rest until I was in the midst of it.  And I LOVE these boys, but I could have probably used a day or week longer.

I learned very quickly what I had always felt pretty confident about…that I am not the one who make a mess maker here.  In fact, left on my own, this place looks pretty spiffy.

So it should come as no surprise that as they arrived home I was side hugging them (because SMELL and it’s HOT) and I was hollering “TAKE CARE OF YOUR THINGS!  DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OUT!”

It sorta kinda not totally worked.

Okay, so I am sure you can gather my joys thus far…

That we had a week of no boys home.

That the boys are back home.

For a campfire night with friends we haven’t seen in forever last night.  We keep saying “It was so good to see them!” and that is saying something because also, said friend had to take a large section of a sweater I am knitting out and tell me she got me to a good place and now I need to visit the store I bought the pattern at to get some help (she balanced this by saying it’s the best knitting she has seen me do!).

And just friendship in general.  I sometimes get overwhelmed with gratitude about the friends I have and this week was one of those weeks.  I am truly thankful.

Oh, and reviews because I just can’t help it…

Sophie Hudson‘s book Stand All the Way Up (stories if staying in it when you want to burn it all down) was EXCELLENT.  So good.  I am passing it on to my mom.

I also should note here that I have mentioned Sophie and Melanie SO MUCH to my husband this past week that I am quite certain he never wants to hear their names again.  But their podcast, which is basically a podcast of about nothing and everything, has been played SO MUCH this week and I have had SO MANY conversations out loud as I have wandered my house cleaning while the boys are gone.  Check out the Big Boo Podcast and each of their new books.

Jake and I started watching Sweet Magnolia‘s the other night on Netflix and I feel like it is the perfect summer show for me to get lost in right now. Only one episode and five minutes in but it seems good (five minutes because Jake went to turn it off to go to bed and I was like NO! We have to know what she decided!  You can’t turn it off now!  Just watch until we know what she did….”)  And so we did.  But Jake made sure not to watch a second longer.


Tell me some things that brought YOU JOY this week.  Tell me how you are finding joy in the everyday.

I can’t wait to hear all about it!


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