As we lead up to Easter, I wanted to do a Bible Study about Easter.

YouVersion App to the rescue!

If you don’t have the YouVersion (or Bible) app, what is stopping you?  It’s free!  It’s GREAT.  It’s one of the apps I used daily.

You can follow along HERE.

It seems to be sponsored by FamilyLife and written by Sabrina MacDonald, both of whom I have linked.


Day 1 – The Suffering of Mary

Today we talk about Mary and how those three days were the WORST of Mary’s life…but the best days in history for all mankind.  And we discuss: Have you ever felt like you were holding up your end of the bargain but God dropped His end? These notes/questions taken right from the devotional

I talk to you about Mary’s heart as a momma, can you even imagine?  I can’t.  But she is so inspiring for us.  There is so very much to learn about Mary and apply to our lives.

(Also worth noting, my mom called me after I recorded this and asked what the blanket was in this video.  Sorry, the camera caught my summer hat.  I got my big floppy hat out and it’s hanging right there.  I really am excited for summer!)

Day 2 – Looking With Eyes of Faith

Today was my favorite study in this devotional thus far.  Because this ties in so well with what seems to be my life motto – Finding Joy in the Everyday.

Sabrina writes “…When we deliberately seek to find the blessing of God each day, we will most assuredly find them.”

I have so many notes written for this day!  Let’s look for God together, He PROMISES He will show up for us!

Also, my husband called on take one of this video, which meant I had to stop over.  Which means I can say my first video was LIT.  It was AWESOME.  But you all will never know that.  Hahaha!

Day 3 – Don’t Weep For Me

On this third day of the study, I met with you all hunched over on a chair, outside, so you could see the fog.

The night before we had gotten our first big spring storm.  We had LOVELY weather the entire day.  It felt like summer, the feels like temp was in the mid 70’s.  The sun shone bright.  It was lovely.  We heard there could be a storm, but we couldn’t see any sign of it.

Until it hit.

The thunder rumbled like God was shaking huge panels of sheet metal.  The lightening put on a huge show.  And the hail.  So. Much. Hail.

When it was over, it was all eerily silent.

And this morning, we are in a fog.

Not much unlike life right now.  In February, life was swimming right along. We heard a rumbling of Corona/Covid-19 but didn’t see signs of it.  Until it hit.  And hit harder than we could have expected.  Then we were left in a fog where we couldn’t see the future.

I keep saying, and I’ll keep believing, that we’ll walk away from this blessed – but with a limp.  Like in Genesis 32:24 to the end of the chapter.  Read it.  Do you agree?

This morning I finished the book Remember God by Annie F. Downs.  Perfect book for me to read for such a time as this. On page 197 in the book Annie quotes from the Message version of the Bible Ephesians 3:20 “God can do anything, you know – far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!  he does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.”  Annie says on page 208 “I find I’m still wrestling even though I think my hip is way past broken.  I will limp from here on out.  And maybe one day, I’ll call it all a blessing. Because I am pretty sure it already is.  Because I will remember what we have been through, me and God….I will remember God.”

Sabrina MacDonald writes in this devotional, “They couldn’t se the future past the circumstances they were witnessing.”

Aren’t we there?  Aren’t we right there?  Dig deep to see God, REMEMBER GOD.  This fog will lift and we will, I promise, see God if we are looking for Him.

Day 4 – Father, Forgive Them

From the Devotional:

“It takes faith to forgive.  There will be circumstances in life that threaten and tempt all the grace we have.  But we don’t have to battle in our own strength.  We have the power of the Holy Spirit to give us what we don’t have on our own.”


Day 5 – The Blossoms of Spring

Got up extra early for this one…while it was still dark out.  Right now it seems dark out all over. As I type this to you, the sky is getting lighter and is this beautiful shade of pale pink.  Because won’t God take a dark time and make it beautiful?

I took this video in my kitchen because it is the heart of our home and I wanted to talk to you about how it feels like God is taking a whole lot of ingredients that I wouldn’t use and is busy creating something in my heart that is something to feast on, to nourish me, to fill me up.

Won’t He do it?

Right now it feels cold and hard to bloom but isn’t that when the blooms are the most beautiful?  The most needed?

I LOVED this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The promises of God are buried underground like the dead flowers of winter that blossom in spring.” – Flower Chorus by RWE

From Sabrina – “Just like Emerson’s ‘flower chorus’ the developing spring gives witness to the promises of God – like purpose, abundant joy, everlasting peace, and most importantly our own resurrection after death.  The greatest enemy of all mankind, an enemy that none other has defeated, has been conquered, and we are the beneficiaries…..This Easter, take in the beauty of of new life, listen to the flower chorus; take delight in the blessed secrets of the universe that unfold before you and give glory to God for His ever loving grace and mercy.”

The challenge: “How do you see the hope of Easter in the coming of Spring?”

My heart has been set on Easter, and I was thinking how my heart being set on Easter was a lot like Annie F. Downs heart was set on the New Year in her book Remember God.  If you can get a copy, I think you will find it very encouraging.

If you want a GREAT Easter podcast, check out Annie F. Downs podcast That Sounds Fun with Charles Martin.  She interviewed him last year at Easter too and I listened to that podcast so many times.  But this one?  This one is just as powerful if not more.  You can listen to it HERE.  And if you love that podcast so much you want to hear the one from the year before, HERE it is.

And this wraps up a full four weeks of Quarantine Bible Study.  See you next week when we finish up this Easter story and I pray you all have a marvelous (and no doubt VERY memorable) Easter.  Easter still comes, we can always celebrate our Risen Savior, this Jesus who loved us enough to die for us so we could become Children of God….what a beautiful mystery.

Seriously, one more time I have to say it, Listen to the podcast.  It’s so good!

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