Last week we began the YouVersion app Easter devotional called Women in the Easter Story.  This was brought to you by FamilyLife and written by Sabrina McDonald.

Here is last weeks post with all the links to all the videos and all the thoughts.  You know, all the things.  You can read it HERE.

This week we are going to pick up right where we left off in the study and then wrap up the week.

This marks the 5th week of Quarantine life with online Bible Study.

Are you ready?  Let’s get in our Bibles and get to studying!


Day One – Day 6 of the Devotional is called: Jesus Knows You By Name

Today I was thinking about how when my four boys were very little I would hear their little bare feet flop flop flop all the way down the steps and I would knew each little flop.  I didn’t have to see who was coming down those stairs, I KNEW by the mere sound of their foot flop who was headed my way.

It tells us how Mary KNEW Jesus’s voice in the garden after the resurrection even though she didn’t know his body.  He didn’t look like himself, but she knew it was him just by his voice.  Now that is knowing because your eyes would certainly deceive you.

Right now in Quarantine I am not ever having a day that I think to myself “Oh, man, I just don’t know what to do today.”  We still have the same 24 hours, it’s just how we spend them right now.  And I am myself and I am encouraging you as well to spend more time in God’s word and in prayer so you can get to that place where you KNOW you hear God’s voice.

Today’s scriptures are:

John 10:14 & 15

John 10:3

Psalm 139:1-4

Revelation 3:5

Revelation 2:17

Day Two – Day 7 of the Devotional is called: We Are The Easter People

From the devotional – “Pope John 2nd once said, “Do not abandon yourselves to despair.  We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”

Oh goodness. I was in love with this day’s devotions as soon as I read that.  I loved this quote so much, I wrote it on the chalkboard to be seen during the day.

Sabrina goes on to ask in this entry, “When (a) person asks about the hope that is in you, give her the message of Christ.  Let it always be on your lips, ready to share.”

Sabrina’s challenge is this:

“What can you do to live like the “Easter people” that always have “hallelujah” on their lips?”

And this all also made me think of Amy Grant’s Hallelujah song. This song makes me choke up every.single.time.

I also can’t help but think of Raise a Hallelujah….yup, get ready to worship God in this one!

Scriptures mentioned:

James 2:18

Psalm 40:10

Psalm 147:1

Isaiah 49:6

1 Peter 3:15

Day Three – Guest Post! 

Today I am pleased to introduce ABE.

Eli and Abe have watched me make these Bible Study videos all through Quarantine and when I said I was coming up with my own stuff for a few days between studies, Abe decided I needed to talk on his favorite scripture passage. And to make sure I got it right, he wrote it out. So I figure he better be in the video too.

Abe writes:

Philippians 4:6&7 In Philippians 4:6 it says “do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and supplication is it’s thanksgiving let your request be now to God.” It’s saying that whatever happens God knows what’s gonna happen and we don’t need to worry. Right now is a hard time for us but God knows what’s gonna happen and we don’t need to worry. And in Philippians 4:7 “and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” God knows what the outcome is and He is protecting us all the way through. We need to not worry and trust God.”

Thanks, Abe, for sharing your heart with us!! 💚

PS Eli says technically HE is the one who has bee watching me make videos as Abe has been sleeping in half the day.  There is truth to what Eli says and also, hello, welcome to Brotherly Love in Quarantine.

Day Four – Just Be Brave

This past fall I went to Baker Book House during their Bible sale with my husband and got a brand new Bible.  It’s so pretty and lovely and very grown up and I have not really gotten into it because, I don’t even know why.  Partly because my other Bible was already “moved in to” and I had all my notes and marks there.  But then the quarantine arrived.

Suddenly my new Bible became my main Bible.

It has all these notes and “see here” and devotions in it.  PLUS ROOM TO WRITE.  And while I am still “moving into” my new Bible, I am really loving it.

I am linking to the (in)courage Bible in case you need a new Bible too.  But even if you don’t, follow them and DaySpring on social media because especially now they are putting out some great encouragement.


In my reading plan of The Scared Brave from my (in)courage Bible, I came across a devotional to go along with Psalm 56:3&4.  The devotional asked “What if those fear things, those “I-wish-this-would-just-get-outta-my-life things” are in some way refining us?”

Um, anyone else relate to that question or is it just me?

In case it’s not just me, know that I then had to look up the author who is Evi Wusk.  She had just written an article on her blog Gratitude Gals ( a name you know I loved immediately ) about Gratitude in the Time of Covid-19 and in that I read …   “gratitude’s rebellious power comes when we dare to mine for thanks in spaces that make us feel anything but grateful”

And all that together led to today’s Bible Study video.


Scripture mentioned:

Psalm 56; 3 & 4

James 1:2-4

Side Note: This video is the FIRST video I actually considered deleting in this series. I was having a rough day the day I recorded this, as I stated. And I wanted to give Evi (pronounced like Chevy) Wusk a GREAT video because her words have meant so much to me but as it turns out, I decided to keep it as is because you know what, this was my heart on this day and one day it will be good to look back and say “remember when?”. Hopefully we can do another Evi Wusk from Gratitude Gals post again soon! Remember, Let your Faith be bigger than your fear. (Some people have asked about the sign I showed. It was a gift from my youngest at Christmas. He purchased it for me at Meijer. Here are some I found on Amazon.

Day Five – The Scared Brave

I have been reading Freedom! the gutsy pursuit of breathrough and the life beyond it by Jennifer Renee Watson.  In my search to end this week’s study, I was looking for something to wrap it up.  I had one all picked out and was doing the notes for it and was so excited about how it was coming together when I read about the Bleeding Woman in Mark 5 in Jennifer’s book and then I happened to read the notes in my (in)courage Bible that came in part from Annie F Downs book Remember God – and as you know, I just finished that book.

So God was basically making a neon sign to me to talk on Mark 5.

So here you go, let’s all be Gutsy Girls and become The Scared Brave.

Let’s DARE TO BE WHO GOD WANTS US TO BE.  Let’s be the scared brave who are honest in our prayers with God and set aside being scared and LET GOD WORK IN US.  Let’s trust God over our circumstances. Let’s practice those muscles of faith and get them stronger.  Let’s remember we can be grateful in this season and as Evy Wusk reminded us, “The Renaissance happened after a plague.” Let’s let our faith be bigger than our fear.  Let’s be the scared brave who are the gutsy gals who reach out in full faith toward our God and Savior.  Let’s be brave.

Scriptures Mentioned:

Mark 5

Psalm 56

Proverbs 3:5,6

Genesis 32:24-32

Mark 5:36

Work sited:

(in)courage Bible, Let’s Be Brave reading plan

Evy Wusk’s Gratitude Gals post

Annie F. Downs book Remember God

Jennifer Renee Watson’s book Freedom!

Sue Cramer’s post on Praise and Coffee


You can link last week’s study – the beginning of the Women in The Easter Story – HERE.

Next week we will be doing a 5 Day Study of Trustworthy from Lysa TerKeurst on the YouVersion app – don’t forget, that app is free!  That is what we WOULD be doing if we were all together so we will do this free five day study next week.  Start the plan and join along!

Thanks for joining me on this week’s Quarantine Bible Study!

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