Here we are on our third week of Quarantine Bible Study with Kim Erickson’s book, His Last Words.

Although this study is seven weeks long, we are wrapping it up today.  I encourage you go go through that seventh week but we are ending it here on the this week 6 of the study.

I really thought that come Easter, when this study was due to wrap up, I would be meeting up with my Bible Study girls again.  But we are under quarantine for 30 more days.

Thirty more days to get in our Bibles!

So let’s begin as we wrap up Week Six of His Last Words.

Week 6, Day 1 – The Power of His Words

Turn in your Bible to John 19

Here are some highlights from that days study:

Page 185 “…pray to be able to accept the path set before you, knowing that though you have asked God to remove a “cup” from you, you are prepared to continue in complete submission to His will for your life.”

page 187 is totally worth spending some time contemplating. “Do you know that Jesus is King or did others tell you about Him?  In other words, do you really know who Jesus is or is your faith based on what others have told you?  Have you made the personal decision to make Jesus your Lord, or are you going along based on how you were raised?”

And we’ll end today with notes from page 186.  “…try not to let your circumstances crowd out your faith in a Father who loves you.” Also, “Studying the Word of God will help us…”


Week 6, Day 2 – Fulfilling Scripture

Let’s get started in John 19

THIS THIS THIS THIS on page 192 “He’s go this. He will make things right.  Someday.  Somehow.  Meanwhile, we wait and do our best to show others the truth of Jesus.”

This day also talked about the government, a twist I had not seen coming. Let’s remember the words written on page 193 “We are governed by our elected political leaders, though all things are ultimately controlled by God.  ‘The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; he turns it wherever he will’ (Proverbs 21:1) Take a moment and acknowledge the Lord’s complete control over the situation…Commit to praying for our government, our elected leaders, and our president, for they have each been selected by the Lord to be in such positions.”

Week 6, Day 3 – Do Not Be Unbelieving, But Believing!

John 20

Today I am coming at you LIVE (at the time of the video, haha) from my basement.


I am glad you asked!  Because I want to make a point that it matters what we Believe.  That is the foundation of our life, much like the foundation of the house is what keeps it up.

What do you think?

Also, I begin to break down a bit as I read about when Jesus had to Social Distance Himself.  Yes.  I am not making that up.  John 20:17  Even Jesus had to social distance, and when I read that, MY HEART.

And guess what, we get to CHOOSE if we Believe or not.  I am all for believing.

But it wraps up with Joy and by now you should be well aware of the fact that Joy is pretty much my thing. Page 201 “…joy is the blessing Christ stands ready to pour out on us every day.”

Also, say hello to Hank the cat who made a few appearances in this video.  He was sure I was there to feed him.

Week 6, Day 4 – Are You Ready to Serve Others?

John 21

From page 204 – John 21 vs 5 “You don’t have any fish, do you?” “This simple verse brings me so much comfort. First, Jesus considers us His children. Sometimes that simple fact still amazes me. Imagine the love between a parent and a child, and then imagine such love in a perfect and pure way. Jesus loves you like a daughter. He loves you in complete perfection and purity. If only we could rest in the knowledge of hat truth every single day! Second, notice how Jesus already knows I he problem the disciples faced during the night. He knew that they did not catch any fish. Jesus knows our problems, our hurts, our difficulties. Read verse 6 again. He provides not only what we need that day, but He provides the answers to our problems. The disciples had a problem – an entire night of fishing, but no fish. Jesus has an answer – do as I say and you will be blessed. Jesus knows what we need and He gladly provides in abundance.”

This just brought such comfort to me today.  I keep re-reading that part I made bold for you all.  It’s just so so so good.

Week 6, Day 5 – Review, Reflect, and Pray

As I think over the week, JOY was of course a big part of impacting me this week but also this passage from page 192. “Somehow knowing deep in my soul that God is controlling everything by His loving hand helps my grieving heart get some peace.  He’s got this.  He will make things right.  Someday.  Somehow.  Meanwhile, we wait and do our best to show others the truth of Jesus.”

Page 222 asks “Discuss the things that had an impact on your heart during this study and (what changes).”

I would really like to know!

And that’s the end.

It’s a weird feeling knowing we finished this devotional book this way, in a quarantine situation.  VERY MANY THANKS to Kim Erickson who gave me permission to do this.  I can’t put into words what it has meant to me to be able to still share with you every day.  I pray it has meant something to you who have followed along as well.

But we aren’t done!

Quarantine Bible Study is going to continue.  Starting next week we’ll start a new study…using just our Bibles.

Bear with me as I figure that new Bible Study path out.  As a reminder, before this study you have watched these past few weeks, I had only ever led one other study…You Are The Girl For the Job by Jess Connolly. I can’t think of a better study to help prepare me for what I never would have imagined we would be getting prepared for.  That led me right into His Last Words .

I am again so thankful for Kim writing out her heartache.  It has amazed me time and time again how perfectly poignant her words have been for such a time as we have found ourselves in.

Week 4 of His Last Words

Week 5 of His Last Words


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