Here we are on Week 5 of His Last Words by Kim Erickson!  I didn’t realize we would be having so much time to spend together on a study like this….

But here we are in Michigan, quarantined to our homes due to Covid-19 / Corona Virus.

Last week I posted all the videos the week I had finished them and I don’t know about you but the weeks feel like they are moving along like months right now so I thought I would keep an ongoing post written here to post altogether later in the week.

You can follow Kim Erickson on her website….

You can get His Last Words on Amazon to follow along…

You can download the YouVersion app to read the Bible if you don’t have a Bible and just watch the videos and follow along that way!


Week 5 is in John 17 and entitled His Final Prayer

Week 5, Day 1 is John 17:1-8

I recorded this before my two youngest boys were awake, before I had even had any coffee in my system and before I had heard the news that our Governor was about to shut down our state of Michigan.

Here, Kim lays out salvation and I tell you a bit of my journey with God as well.  I am so thankful that God has led us to the current church we are at and that I have these women to study Bible with – you cannot imagine how long I have prayed for a group of women to study the Bible with!


Week 5, Day 2 : Not of This World, John 17:9-16

Today Kim mentions the song Temporary Home.  You can listen to that song HERE.  It’s a good one.

Of all the days this week, this one spoke to me the most.  When she says on page 160 “Jesus came to speak these truths so that we could live a life filled with divine joy – so that we could be “made full” of His joy.”  That just really spoke to my heart.

We learned about the full armor of God and how we need protection from the Devil.  I mention how saying that makes me a bit scared….

And as soon as I recorded this, my husband called to say he had just been laid off due to the factories shutting down so I literally began saying back to him the words that I had just read in today’s study.

Today was a powerful one for me.


Week 5, Day 3 : Sanctified  John 17:17-20

On page 166, Kim writes: “His prayer also was meant for me.  It made me feel like Jesus was expecting me, that He knew me, that He had plans for me, and that He prayed for me!”

She encouraged us to read all of Chapter 17 out loud and insert our own names into it.  I did this.  It felt awkward, but I also felt like I was intimately known by God, precious, cared for and known.  There is something powerful to be said about saying it OUT LOUD.

Week 5, Day 4 : His Final Prayer  John  17:21-26

On page 171 Kim writes: “Jesus came to this world so that you might be saved and become a child of God.  Jesus came so that you might be with Him in heaven, and so that you would experience God’s love.  Last, but certainly not least, Jesus came and died on the cross so that you would show the world His love, and so that others might believe that Jesus was from the Father – that Jesus was who He said He was – the Messiah.”

On page 172 Kim encourages us to spend “five minutes thinking about God’s amazing love for you and how you might spread that love around you.”  At that I wrote: “This has been very difficult for me.  God told me this year: BLOOM WITH JOY.   He gave me Romans 15:13  Oh! ‘May the God of green hope fill you up with joy, fill you up with peace, so that your believing lives, filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit, will brim over with hope!’ (message version) So that’s what I’m praying into.  Keep filling me up so I can bloom.  So I can pour out.  So I can see your glory.”

Also, day 4 found me outside because YAY we got our patio furniture out!  Spring is NEAR!

Week 5, Day 5 : Review, Reflect, and Pray

Day 5 is the hardest day of all the days because it’s on this day that I miss my Bible study the most.  We would all be together talking about what we learned over the week.  Proverbs 27:17 tells us iron sharpens iron and I am really missing my women of iron on Fridays. 

Kim ends the week with this prayer : “Lord, I pray that Your joy will be made full in me so that others will see Your divine love and joy in my life.”  That verse could not have been more perfectly penned for my heart’s cry.

We’ll end this week with a challenge from Kim that is found on page 172:

“How are you going to fulfill God’s purpose so that the world will also know what you know about Him?  How will your “light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16).  What are you going to do to live a life that reflects how much God loves us?  Try spending just five minutes thinking about God’s amazing love for you and how you might spread that love around you.  Seriously, look at the clock and give yourself five minutes to brainstorm what you could do to honor Jesus’ prayer for you.  What came to mind?  Write your ideas [down].”

And that wraps up week 5!

As is everyone’s life right now, ours was a roller coaster of Jake getting laid off and then not. As I am writing this, it currently looks like he is going to go part time over the road driving semi and hopefully we will continue with him working full time local here and half the time over the road.  I am thanking God he keeps on working and I am saying my ongoing mantra over and over, “Your will, God, Your will.  Fill me with Your Holy Spirit so I can keep pouring out and bloom with joy.  Your will, God, Your will.”  I mean, I have a LOT of prayers right now but this is my ongoing mantra.  Over and over again. 

A friend suggested I try to make our videos in a different room of the house for each day, like a mini home tour!  So we’ll see how creative I get.  But it sounds like a fun idea!

Next week the study takes a different lay out plan and will cover John chapters 18-20.  The title is His Final Words. The chapter is the title of the book! We’ll be wrapping up the study on that week because Week 7 goes over the entire book and I don’t know how we can do that.   If we are still in quarantine, I’ll come up with something to keep on going!

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