Well, Corona / CoVid-19 hit right in the middle of our Bible study.  This is the second study I have ever led and (my first one was You Are the Girl for the Job in January) since there is a ban on all getting together, I wanted to figure out what I could do next to still keep everyone connected.

I contacted Kim Erickson and asked for her permission to do a youtube video of our daily devotionals to share with my group and others and she whole heartedly encouraged this.  I am ever so thankful for her.

We may not be able to get together in body, but we surely can study the same scriptures together thanks to technology.

Kim Erickson‘s study is following the last words of Jesus in the book of John.  It’s easy to follow along just in your Bible but to get the full benefit of the study, you may want to get Kim’s actual study book.

Don’t have a Bible?  No problem!  Look up the YouVersion app and you have all the scriptures right there.  It will even read it to you!

I have put together a list of all the videos I did last week on our first week of quarentine and I am sharing just a bit from each day.  Check back next week for another update, as we have just been informed we are now home bound by state law for a longer spread of time.

What amazed me so much is this week of study?  Oh.  It spoke to my heart.

Here we go… His Last Words by Kim Erickson, Week 4

Filled With the Holy Spirit

Day One, John 16:1-11

Jesus promises both peace and joy to us, why would we live any other way? – Kim Erickson

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation.  But take heart; I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33


Then we arrived on Day 2, John 16:12-20

What stood out to me here was that “your sorrow will turn to joy” in verse 20.  Goodness, I needed to hear that.

This is when I started praying that God would fill me to overflowing with His spirit because man, did I need it.


Then we had Day 3.

I got excited on Day 3

We were in John 16:21-27


Joy is my word.  I have so much to say on the subject of Joy and how the only way you can truly experience joy is in God.  I KNOW this.  Joy has been the word put on my heart for the past three years as my One Word.  My verse for this year is Romans 15:13.  In the midst of not knowing the future, not seeing God working as waves of bad news kept flowing in, my Christmas cactus bloomed.  It was as if God was telling me, “you can not see what I am doing, but look, I am doing something beautiful.”


Day 4, John 18:28-33

This was a day that I felt the weight of all the things on me.  Like all the things fell upon me about the Corona and I just felt heavy.

Then I read this: “Behold, the hour is coming, indeed it has come, when you will be scattered, each to his own home…but take heart; I have overcome the world.” – John 16:32&33

I got chills.

This was the day when I read Psalm 46 and began to claim it as the Psalm for our nation.  And it reminded me of Genesis 32:22-32 when Jacob wrestled with God.  I think a LOT of us are wrestling with God right now.  And I think we may walk away from this with a limp.  But we will be stronger for it.

Kim Erickson says “Perhaps it will motivate you to slow down and start your day in God’s word.”

Kim Erickson asks “If Jesus were to show up in your home and tell you that He was there to help you get through the trouble you wrote about, how would you feel about the trouble?  Do you think your trouble would seem so “big” with Jesus sitting at your kitchen table?  Would you worry about what you wrote above if you kew that Jesus was holding your had as you dealt with your trouble?”

This day spoke volumes to me.


We wrapped up with Day 5.  Day 5 is just a review with lots of journal time to get us to discussion questions that we normally talk about in study together.  I wasn’t sure how we would do that.  But I did a video, and here is what you got…me outdoors in the cold to share my heart.

I had read Psalm 126:5 that morning – “Those who sow in tears will reap with joy”.  Let it be so.


I will be continuing this study, so please join along and send me some words so I can feel like I am having a conversation with people!   What stood out to you the most in this weeks study?

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