“I am my best self in summer,” I told my husband this weekend.

At the time I declared this proclamation, I was sitting on the top bench a cold metal bleacher on a windy 40-ish degree evening feeling the sharp wind hit my back.  We were there to watch our S2 Isaac, play a varsity football game.

“But,” my husband answered me dumbfounded, “There is no football in summer.”

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And this is the constant give and take of the season of life we are in.

I wish for the laid back time of summer and my husband can’t get enough of all the sports all the boys are in.

If anyone has advice on this new season, I am happy to hear it.

We are in that tough spot where we are insanely busy with three boys in sports.  There are girlfriends who now visit our boys at our home and I don’t have a clue how to handle that world.  These boys of ours NEVER sleep and so they will wander the house at all hours of the night because they are in constant search of food.  Ask us how fun it is that our bedroom is right off the kitchen.

My brother visited me the other morning.  We were discussing how he is getting rid of some things to make room for enjoying the things he already has more.

“I know,” I said sounding wise with one cup of coffee in me and my husband’s pajama pants on because mine were in the laundry, “You can do a lot of good things but you can’t do a lot of things great.”

I want to make sure I am doing the great things.  The BEST things.  Not all caught up in the good that I miss what was best.

How do you do that?

I love summer the best because in the summer you live two months of a break from reality in so many ways.  I mean, at no other time of the year do you feel cooking your dinner over an open fire and eating it at 9pm is a great idea but in summer, you totally can and will.  It is in summer I have hopes and dreams of how great the rest of the year can be.

Then reality hits me wave after wave after wave and I am caught gasping for breath and trying to get my footing.  I am not a strong swimmer, but I am a great beach goer.

So someone, give me some advice, please.  I know, I just opened up myself to a lot of words here; but I need someone who has gone through this season and come out with some great results.

I want to be able to look at someone in the future and say, “You know what, I know, I was there like you are.  But then I did this and it made a big difference.”

For instance, one lady watched me trying to figure out a schedule one day when I was working at the library.  I had my work schedule and all the sports schedules and I was trying to make it all work.  “It’s a busy season you are in, I know,” she told me, “But learn to enjoy it.  It’s over faster than you can imagine.  And it really is a fun time.”

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I keep her words close to my heart.  When the chaos seems overwhelming, I immediately begin to think how I can make it fun.  Because I know all too well how quickly this season is over.

Hello, my eldest is in year TWO of college.  Tell me how I know how fast time goes.

Her advice was a game changer for me.

That said, I am wise enough to know when I need to ask for more help.

Tell me how a summer girl can really enjoy frigid cold.  Help me pack a great football/cross country bag for the back of the suburban.  Give me tips on how to keep the spark alive in my marriage when we are literally spending any alone time watching a sporting event and spend our time at home falling asleep at any moment because we are exhausted. What do you feed big crowds of teens who show up at your home (and you want them there!)?  Tell me what you did that you want me to know works.  Tell me…

I want to hear your story and learn from you.

Leave me a comment here, or message me on facebook, personal message me on instagram, send me a tweet, email me…

Just give me your best advice.  I’ll happily share your advice with others it if you let me.  That’s how we help each other, by telling each other our stories.


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