I considered NOT telling you this story but then I thought, wait.  Others may need this encouragement as well.

I saw the update that the Big Boo Podcast had a new episode and I thought “YES!  I needed to clean the bathrooms!”

At some point in my life this past year, I have somehow coordinated my cleaning of the boys’ bathroom with a new episode of the Big Boo podcast.  Thankfully they have been kicking out some great episodes on a semi regular time table otherwise that bathroom….oh my.

In the Big Boo podcast, Sophie and Melanie talk about all manner of this and that.  What they don’t realize is that I am talking to them the entire time.  It’s my “girl time” and I love spending an hour or so with them.

Because I despise cleaning my boys bathroom, I have found myself waiting until one of their new episodes drops and I wait to clean while listening.  It’s my carrot or whatever they say.  Want to listen?  Then do this tough job.

My boys?  Bless them.  I have done the whole “this is how you clean a bathroom” and once a month three of my boys (one is mostly away at college or working a million hours and I actually think he keeps all towels, soap and all his things in his bedroom to not be involved in this mess of a bathroom) get a new chore – clean the bathroom, take out the garbage, clean up the kitchen.  I used to do this once a week with but it got to be too difficult to remember who had what week so I changed it to once a month.  If you feel my idea is brilliant, feel free to take it.

All the boys share one bathroom, the largest bathroom in the house.  It has a huge counter – that is happens to be the perfect place for keeping fish -, two sinks, a bathtub shower and a ton of space all around the toilet.

I took the time to explain to the boys that once a week they needed to “deep clean” the bathroom, scrub the toilet, clean out the sinks, wipe down the tub and every day they needed to quickly pick up laundry and wipe things down.


There is this constant battle of “those aren’t my clothes” and “I didn’t make that mess” and “that is not mine” and “this is gross”.

So once every other week or so, I brave the bathroom and clean it myself.  And to make the time go faster, I bring Sophie and Melanie with me because I assume they won’t mind helping me scrub urine off the floor around the toilet.

This past cleaning experience was heightened to a new level of “I need all the help I can get” because the two youngest boys, bless them, have decided to keep fish in the bathroom.  Yes, they are in an aquarium but you have to realize the aquarium does not have a lid and we have cats and cats like fish and I will let you guess what I have on occasion found in the bathroom.

It’s so much.

And it’s so crazy weird to then be having a conversation with Sophie and Melanie and on this particular day they had on I Hate Green Beans’ Lincee Ray and when she said she so hoped that some woman would show up with a baby at her book signing at a bar I knew we would be best friends because I knew JUST what she meant!

Things I have randomly learned from cleaning the boys’ bathroom this week are:

If you leave toast on the counter (to feed fish, obviously) and the toast gets wet…as it would tend to do on a bathroom sink…it will get stuck and take tons of scrubbing to get clean.

Melanie knows the perfect place to find throw pillows and her joy over the perfect color green makes me happy.

There is such a thing as urine cleaner made by lysol.  Buy it.

Sophie found the perfect bra and it’s only found at Walmart and now I have go to Walmart.  I have never had a house bra and now I need one.

Lincee Ray talked about a a love story and I would like to mention that it was a love story that got us these boys that finds me here in THE REST OF THE STORY cleaning the bathroom.  I don’t think it’s what her book is about AT ALL but it felt like it fit here.


If you need help cleaning something in your house or maybe you have a super clean house and just want to laugh, I strongly suggest the podcast about nothing and everything, the Big Boo Podcast.

But here is this thing I want you to realize  –  the point of this podcast in some ways – is a way I find joy in my every day.  This isn’t just about the boys messy bathroom, it’s how I take a job I wouldn’t normally enjoy and make it fun.  Tying this fun podcast I enjoy so much with a job I don’t enjoy so much makes it better.  And I hope that helps you too!!!! I know all too well that soon these boys will be gone – did your read that part about how one of my four boys is away at college??? – and one day this bathroom will be spotless and I know – for real – that I will miss these days.  This post is to remind me of those days.



What are your favorite podcasts?  Tell me!  Maybe I’d even clean this bathroom more often. (But probably not!)


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