So, we did this new thing.
Sue and I have started a PODCAST!
I am barely able to keep myself from squealing and jumping up and down and being ECSTATIC.
Do we know what we are doing?  Um, no.  Not really.  As I type this, I am currently listening to a tutorial on yet another thing I need to know about podcasting.  Everything we have learned we thank google and youtube for.  We are doing this for the love of it, so please know that we know it’s not all professional sounding.  We are just excited it’s up.
We literally sit in Mezzo’s back room, remember to press “record”, have a conversation, upload it.  No editing.  No fanciness.  People, it can’t get much more real than this.
It only seemed fitting then to announce this podcast birth at a Bloom Leadership event held at Mezzo.
So, here is our first little baby.  Our first podcast.  All the praise hands of happiness!
Here are the show notes from our first episode because ALL THE THINGS we are learning and I cannot figure out how to get them up on our our Bloom Leadership website yet.  We are just little seeds of podcasting but we are ready ready to Bloom!
We really cannot tell you how excited we are that this podcast is up and live and you have taken the time to listen and “join in” our conversation!  Thank you!!!
We look forward to bringing you many more episodes but this first one, oh my goodness, it’s just going to be sweet and special to us.  Also, we will ALWAYS remember how we recorded it TWICE in one day – amazing episodes – that we never actually recorded because it only caught the first few seconds…both times.
But now the podcast is up and we are so excited to send it out into the world!  We have plans for lots of episodes over lots of cups of coffee and we can’t wait to introduce you to some of our favorite people as well.  Please let us know what you think, send us your ideas, share us with your friends.  We are learning as we go, and you get to be a part of the growing process of Bloom.
It’s so exciting!
Here are the show notes from our very first episode (I am just going to keep saying that as much as I can….)
Sue’s Mezzo Coffee House
Denise’s blog Life With Four Boys…Coffee Please
Quote from the show:
“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”  – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (please take a moment and check Ellen out, her story makes this quote all the more powerful.)
Interview with Denise:
About us:
BLAST FROM THE PAST (the blog Sue and I first set up!)
a blog post about CUPS!
(PS CUPS post is still up and coming…..)
Mary from Cohagen Chronicles who named CUPS
Interview with Sue:
Sue’s website
Mezzo’s Facebook page
Praise and Coffee Magazine
Praise and Coffee Groups
In every episode:
What Product, Practice or Pretty much anything is bringing you joy?
The Greatest Showman
Leadership Tip of the Day:
Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller
BenSound THEME music!
Thank you so much for joining us for this VERY FIRST episode!  Stay tuned for more!
So here we go, on a new adventure.  PLEASE JOIN IN OUR CONVERSATION.  We want to talk to everyone!  What things do you look forward to hearing about?
Like, do you have ANY idea how happy this screen shot makes me????
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