What started out as the most wonderful, mild winter turned vicious.  You know those adorable stuffed animals that look all cuddly and then you squeeze their belly and they turn evil looking?

That’s this winter.

But we’re still here….frozen.  But still here.

We didn’t even have snow for Christmas.

Then we got snow.

More snow.

A POLAR VORTEX of epic proportions that kept everyone out of school for over a week.  Like, temps in the NEGATIVE 30 RANGE.

Here is the first journal entry Abe (S4) kept during the Polar Vortex.  I have NO IDEA where he gets his flair for the dramatic from.

As one post I’ve seen floating around on social media says…2019, the year the children quit going to school.

We just keep getting hit with snow.  Today, another four inches MORE of snow predicted…and people, it’s March 4th.  We’re over it.

Even our Lake Michigan is frozen – it is pretty, even if it’s icy.

On top of ALL THAT…it’s been wrestling season.

Three wrestling meets (or all day Saturday tournaments) a week for forever.

Eli’s season wrapped up well, great really, and he ended the season with ring worm….THE thing I kept telling them that’s why they should never wrestle.  But the boys are old enough they aren’t really listening to me like that anymore.


Eli’s team really did do phenomenal and it was fun to see him enjoy it.  Abe’s team is wrapping up this week.  And I am all “PRAISE HANDS” that it’s coming to an end.  But I know I’ll be missing my wrestling family sooner than later.  It’s a great group.  And it’s so much fun to see Eli as “Coach” to Abe and his team.


This winter I and Isaac have also managed to get the legit flu…the one that keeps you feeling like death warmed over for a solid week or more.  All my kids have gotten sick, I have been to the doctor so much I now call them and say “pretty please can I just tell you what I have and you just call it in?” (they don’t), I decided now was a GREAT time to start making “well child” check ups for the boys (they are two years behind, oops!) and then calling on the said date of the well child check up to change it to a sick child check up….

It’s been a winter.

Andrew has been away at college.

Jake’s job has been stressful the last few weeks.

We just are feeling low down and worn out and winter defeated.

This is why I love spring.

It’s about this time that I worry spring may forget us.  That the polar vortex is truly here to stay.  But then my husband plants some pumpkin seeds in a pot in our basement and they sprout up, excited to grow.



Isaac (S2) arrives home with his plans to expand our chicken coop because chicks have arrived at his work and he has it figured out how we can get a few.

I have been following Three Acre Farm and that in and of itself makes you know spring is near. Thanks to Lori I have super grand plans for gardening (and my two youngest boys are groaning in complaint over weed pulling – already!).

Naomi keeps reminding me that I should not rush winter.  She is a good friend to have always but especially during winter.  Naomi LOVES snow and winter and all the thing things of coldness.  I love summer.  But she keeps reminding me to enjoy all the extra knitting time winter brings us – true.

I have been having “C.U.P.S.” nights here this winter – Crafting Unfinished Projects Successfully (thank Cohagen Chronicles for that title).

So, yes, hooray for more time to knit!


But Naomi has me thinking about being thankful for the season you are in in other ways as well….

(This is what happens when you are cooped up in the house for too long and you can’t bake because it’s too cold for the yeast to rise.)

The last time I had a snow day with all four of my boys, I did not know would be the last time I would have a snow day with them.

I have a lot of moments like that right now.

I am in that space of my life where things are changing so rapidly it’s hard to keep up for me.  It’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t for our family, for me, for Jake and I – when for so long we really seemed to have it figured out.


For so long this year we haven’t had dinner at our table.  It feels too odd, one gone at college, one gone at work, one or two at practice…

So we don’t sit at the table.  And I have been on a soap box and written articles about the importance of sitting at the table.  These last two weeks, I have been putting dinner on our table, no matter how many or how few are here.

I feel a lot like that pumpkin seed my husband planted.

It was a really beautiful pumpkin.  THE CUTEST.  It grew at the chicken coop all on it’s own and it brought me so much joy! It completely served it’s purpose, for that time, for that season.

See the cute little pumpkin?? It’s seeds are growing in the pot!

And then it died.

But now, now it is growing again.  It’s growing into even MORE pumpkins.

It’s not changing who it was, what it was, not even the location!  But it’s growing.

And I feel I am growing too.


And oh so so very painfully.

Even in the cold.

I can’t wait to see what Spring brings!

How about you?  Have you been flowering all through this season right now?  Hooray!  Treasure these moments!  Or are you like me, a seed in the ground?  Treasure these moments too.

And be confident of this…if you are a seed planted in good dirt, you WILL BLOOM at the perfect time you are meant to bloom.

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  1. Ann Marie Moerland says:

    As always…top of the line post! Love the letter and the pics of those little boys! The years go SO fast!!

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