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Well, I have finally been able to experience my first week of Advent.  And I am still loving it.

Naomi also has me doing #Vlogmas2018 through Advent.  For this, I record a one minute video every day showing you our lives.

This post is a wrap up of ALL THE THINGS this week.  A catch up with commentary, if you will.

Apparently Advent begins on the first Sunday of Advent.  But we just went right ahead and began Advent on Saturday.  Traci told me this means that I was celebrating Advent Eve then and I liked that idea.


Because I didn’t have any idea what the whole Vlogmas video would be, this day we just did photos.

It was Saturday so everything for us was off.  The Lego Advent box was met with a little confusion but now after that first day, it totally has worked.  Having something like this is unexpectedly fun for us because one boy gets to open and place the Lego and one boy lights the candle.  Every day they switch.  This is by far our best idea.

The second day – or the first day of Advent – I had a request for this video:



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My Christmas Village. Video made at @alnelson28 request. 😉

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It was fun to do this because then my friends began posting their villages.  I love Christmas villages.  When the boys were little they would move the stool up to this same buffet and they would play with Lego men or Tonka Truck drivers or who we referred to as Worker Man.  At first I told them not to, but then I realized what great memories they would make.  What I did not expect was that I would end up with the precious memory of the village glowing on their still little chubby faces as they played among the village, visiting all the the pieces.

And now I am all teary eyes so moving on….



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Advent recap thus far – because @naomieleanor.vh told me to. 😉 #Vlog #Advent2018 #vlogmas2018

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That video pretty much sums up itself because I WAS SO EXCITED.

I don’t think I can tell you the thrill I had when they lit the Advent candle at church that Sunday.  I was almost like a little kid.  My heart just rejoiced.

If you want to follow along with our Advent church services, you can HERE.

And then there was the night that I suddenly realized I never had done a Vlogmas video for the day so you got this….



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Want a total random #vlogmas2018??? Here you go. Eli has entitled this “ #RealLife”

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I have often thought it would be interesting to do something where everyone posted what it looked like out their kitchen window.  I am fascinated by such things, what can I say?  Here I give you MY kitchen window….


On Wednesday I had GRAND PLANS to wow you all with my amazing awesome day. And then I promptly forgot to take one single photo of the day.  So you got me talking in the Shipsiburban….



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#Vlogmas2018 (all I can say about it, my kids just got home as soon as this ended!)

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Thursdays are THE DAY around here.  Every Thursday night between 6:15 and 6:45, trucks (and some cars) come rumbling into our driveway.  Liberty jumps from her bed and sticks her nose to the cold glass, her tail wagging happily that “her boys” are here again.  My mom and I feed the group that arrives and then they retreat to the living room with the fire place (my mom and I are still wondering why we let them have the fire place….) and my Dad does a devotional study with them.  They just finished Tony Evans Watch Your Mouth this week and began Andy Stanley’s Guardrails.

The boys watch my instagram feed so they knew this was coming but they were surely not going to make it easy on me.  And I totally recorded…and forgot to hit the record button.  So fun all around.

This video will make you dizzy.


Which leads me to Friday.  Tonight I have a Women’s dinner at church and I plan to link that video right here (but I am writing this to you all in the morning because it makes more sense to.)  Tonight I am supposed to wear gray and the only thing I have that is gray is a beach cover up dress.  That works for a Christmas dinner, right???? So I will be working on putting something together for THAT.



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#vlogmas2018 at my church for the women’s #Christmas party. It was so fun! #Vlogmas Day 7

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Note my gray winter coat in that video??? haha!  It was so fun to spend the evening with these ladies I have come to love ever so much!


All in all, this week has been especially long for me.  On Friday, November 30, I was in the doctors office for a UTI.  It has wrecked havoc on me this week as I have been suffering from brain fog and being unusually overwhelmingly exhausted.  Eli (S3) began his wrestling meets this week as well so things have been….busy.

I think in the ick of this week it has made me appreciate Advent all the more.  I know, I was (and am) all excited but this week hasn’t felt Christmasy.  It has felt sick and dark and chaotic.  But every single morning we start our day with a lit candle and reading about Advent.  And I know it sounds trite but I swear I feel my soul rest in that moment.  Because of the ick and chaos, this time feels even more precious, even more important to remember.

I have three links to leave you with….

Naomi VanHarn, who got me on this whole Vlogmas thing (and I am so grateful for her doing that!) in on Instagram and you need to follow her JUST to get her hot cocoa recipe alone (she has promised me to make it for me when I come visit hopefully next week).

And may I just add this – hey, it’s my blog, so I can – WHERE IS THE PEPPERMINT HOT COCOA????? Last year I could pick it up anywhere and I LOVE peppermint hot cocoa.  I prefer the Starbucks dark chocolate with peppermint candy canes crumbled in it but I also am a fan of Trader Joes peppermint hot cocoa as well.  Every year I keep a good stash of it in the house and I love a mug of it at night.  But this year, can not find it.  I mean, like, I have turned into a crazy woman looking in ALL THE STORES for it.  It’s a whole thing for me this season.

Back to the links I mentioned before my cocoa tangent….

My dad and I were talking about gardening last night (doesn’t everyone talk gardening in December?) and I have this farm I found this year and follow on instagram and I just love it.  Lori posted an Advent post that honestly I just found this morning and I cannot wait to dive into.

And lastly, here is the podcast Naomi and I were guests on to discuss Week 2 of Advent. Speaking 4 Him – Advent Week 2.  The first part I stumble over my words (thank goodness for Dan to help me sound out all those words!) but at about 10 minutes and 30 seconds in I start talking about bread.  And now I want to bake some more bread.

Thank you for following along with our Advent journey this year.  Please oh please consider doing a Vlogmas video every day – if you do, please tag me so I can watch it!  I love them!  And also, please tell me what YOU are doing for Advent.  I love it.

This season is crazy.  It’s difficult.  But it was in a time that was crazy difficult and so very dark that God sent his son Jesus to save us.  If that love just doesn’t blow you away and make you love Christmas, I don’t know what will.


Here is this post read for you…..

As soon as I pressed “stop” Jake let me know the REAL reason he was watching me record….I hadn’t made the bed yet.  So welcome to our life!

I’ll be back next week with another week wrap up – it’s Saturday early morning (pre coffee even) when I post this and I am off to an ALL DAY wrestling match for Eli.

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