This year we are celebrating Advent and I am ecstatic.

Naomi brought it up in passing and I was all “What is advent?”

I have never been so excited for Christmas as I am this year due to Advent!  In the simplest form, Advent is taking the time to remember WHY and WHO we celebrate at Christmas.  In the chaos of Christmas, I am really looking forward to having something that makes me slow down and refocus on God.

My Advent Wreath!

Naomi and I did a youtube video for you about ALL THE THINGS.  In it we tell you what we are doing to celebrate Advent with our family, a little of the history of Advent as well as how we made Advent wreaths. (Did Naomi say she got a kit off of Amazon to make an Advent wreath??? She did.)  I am telling you again, if you go down that rabbit hole of #Advent2018 on Instagram, you may never return.

The video was a little tricky as I didn’t want the fridge in the frame but I did want the tree and the wreath.  It’s the little things. My phone is balanced on the stable of my manger scene.  And we BOTH recorded in hopes one turned out.  Also, I changed my pants just to be more festive in my fav red cords and then you basically can not see them this whole video.  What’s a girl to do?

Here’s the video!

Now forgive me, because I have brain fog today (it’s not fun being sick) but I want to get as many links to the things we talked about as I can.

The books I mentioned are:

John Piper – The Dawning of Indestructible Joy.  My plan is to read this every morning after the boys go to school.  My next best guess was going to be to do Ann Voskamp’s Advent book but my word is Joy and so this book was basically screaming my name.

All Creation Waits by Gayle Boss.  This book has been recommended to me over and over and when I say I am going to read this with my boys, I mean my two youngest.  The plan is to read this in the morning before school because our nights are CRAZY.  I think I am going to have to be really flexible on this one, it’s going to be difficult.

Someone ( I have a good guess who ) dropped off an Advent book for me I believe from her church and I will be using that one for family readings.  If I happen to have the family together at dinner (it’s not happening much lately) then I will read this to them.

I didn’t want to do anything about getting a bunch of gifts or things for Advent every day.  I wanted this to be as simple stripped down easy as can be.  But I did get the youngest two a Lego Advent thingy and so I am excited to pull that out for them tomorrow.

And, because as if having a book of Advent hanging on my door wasn’t gift enough, Magnolia Journal also has their Winter Magazine out now with a special section on Advent.  You can usually pick this magazine up in a larger grocery store or any bookstore if you are not already subscribed.

It’s like God is really making this Advent thing easy on me and SO MUCH FUN!

Naomi mentioned the Buck Denver books. You cannot find Everyday Emmanuel at the library but you can get it on Amazon.

Focus on the Family has a LOT of resources.  When you go to their website, just search Advent.  They’ll ask for your name and email and once you put that in, you get an email packed full of FREE info.

Naomi showed off her Focus on the Family magazine as well as her boys’s Clubhouse magazine.  Both are available on the website.

They also have ADVENTures in Odyssey and thankfully my two youngest still listen and I KNOW Naomi’s boys listen as well.  I have to admit, even I enjoy them!  You can get a CD disc set probably at your library (I did) but I have linked to the website of Advent episodes as well.

Naomi and I were guests on the Speaking 4 Him podcast and that is a 16ish minute conversation you can listen to HERE.

Naomi just sprung on me that we are going to be doing something EVERY DAY for Advent.  So follow us on Instagram, I feel that is the place that most of that will happen.

Me (Denise!)


We hope to do a quick video in the middle of Advent just to show you how our Advent season is going.  And maybe at the end, just to wrap it up.

Won’t you join us for this journey?  I have had the most fun leading up to Advent just in talking with everyone about it and I can not wait to finally get to celebrate it all month long!

Denise And Naomi

(In this photo we are off to do the podcast for Speaking 4 Him and we dressed amazingly similar WITHOUT planning it and it was funny to me that we basically dressed this same way when we recorded our youtube video. We crack ourselves up!)

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