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I knew I knew I knew I was in the wrong spot.

Which is funny considering mere seconds ago I was CERTAIN this was the right spot.

Ever been there?

I had for forever known this was Amy’s home.  KNOWN IT.  But as I pulled into her driveway and looked at her vehicles I knew I knew I knew I was in the wrong place.

So I had to go to the one person who could tell me for certain.

“Hey, Amy, what’s your address?” I asked in a quick message to her.

It’s rather humbling to ask your friend whose home you need to leave something at…where her home actually is.

I could have just found another way to get her the important thing I needed to leave with her…I could drive to her work, for instance, where I usually interacte with her.

I could have just gone on with the plan.  I could have shrugged and said “Hm, must be she got a new used van and the previous owner must have had a girl in dance.  Odd.  But who am I to judge.  I KNOW I AM RIGHT THAT THIS IS AMY’s HOUSE.”  And I could have left the package and driven away.

Check that job off the list and carry on with my day that I planned on my terms.

But instead, after feeling very confused and rather stumped that the house that all along I thought was Amy’s was not in fact her home, I humbly asked for help.

God loves to give me lessons like this.

“Oh, sure my child, I know you THOUGHT you were right.  But guess what, MY WAY is best and if you surrender and give it to ME, I’ll make it good.  I’ll make it better than you can. I promise. I’ve got this.  Trust me,” says God.

That’s what God is saying to me right now.  And He used my friend’s non home to drive the point home even further.

Natalie had chosen for us to do Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer as a women’s Bible study before she abruptly left us for Heaven.  I was ecstatic to do this study.  Priscilla I-Never-Know-If-I-Am-Saying-Her-Last-Name-Correctly-Shirer, SHE IS SO GOOD!  I was happy to dive in.

Now this study has taken on a whole new importance to me.

Today my study was all about Surrender.

Actually, that’s not what the study’s name was.  It just happened to be the word jumping off the page at me.

And God, who has a great sense of humor, just to drive that point home…and remind me to always go to the true source for direction.  Him.

Side note: It really helps if you actually add your friends REAL address to her name in your contacts….just throwing that out as a freebie bit of advice for ya’ll.

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