I am not a secret sisters sort of person.  I did NOT really want to have a secret sister.  But I had this overpowering feeling that I should fill out the form and drop it off.

If it turned out badly, well, God, I tried.

As it turned out, it was one of the best decisions I could have made because God game me Ann.

This woman prayed me through this past year.

This week we met for the first time.  Mid Summer Ann texted me, “This is your secret sister!” and I very literally squealed in absolute delight.  Since then we have become “friends” on facebook and had text conversations back and forth but today I drove up to her adorable home and hugged the woman who is truly a sister to me.

Oddly, I didn’t know a lot about HER even though she knew so much about me.  And over good coffee – because she is a coffee snob like I am, thank goodness – we skipped chit chat and went to the heart of all the things.

Sometimes God lets you see how He was working behind the scenes.  And when we caught up, wow, just wow.

God is so good.

Today we talked about the way Ann blessed my life, the way I had blessed her life – and neither of us knew how to say how much the other had been the gift to them.

Today was one of my most favorite days.

Do you know how Secret Sisters works?

Well for both of us, we were new to a church and desperate to find a way to connect.  So we filled out a form that asked who we were, what our address was, a little about ourselves and family. Someone compiles all the names together and gives you a name and someone gets your name.  And then you purpose to pray for that woman for the next six months.

Ann put her return address on the note card she sent to me in the beginning.  While I did so want to go all Nancy Drew and drive to her house and see who she was, I did not.  But her giving me her address meant that now I could communicate with her and through old fashioned pen and paper snail mail letters, our friendship began.

I recorded one of my letters to her….


Shortly after this was recorded, our family left the church where Ann and I would have met.

I really believe God brought us there just for Ann and I to meet.  Our story, the way God worked it out, is too precious to share.

But here is what I want you to walk away with…

God is always at work.  And sometimes you see how he interwove your story and if you get to see that, it will blow you away.

Dear Ann,

You are truly my gift from God.

Thank you,

your SS


Knitting OBVIOUSLY is the best thing ever and it is totally worth it to be a coffee snob.  Worth it completely.

Check out Ann’s beautiful jewelry HERE.  Oh my goodness, I didn’t know this secret talent she has!

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