I flipped the calendar page.  “And now it is October,” I sighed deeply.  “How did that even happen?”

September wore us out.

I feel like this is a good summary of September:

Me: “LOOK!” squeals excitedly, “The Cross Country meet AND the Football game are at THE SAME SCHOOL.  And look, at the SAME TIME!  This is AWESOME!”

Jake: “You realize that they are probably at two different places?”

Me: “No no.  There was a game we went to once before that the cross country runners ran right by the football field.  It could be that school.”

Jake: “It’s not.  That was………” (he knew what it was and even now I cannot remember.  He probably even remembers what boy was playing in what grade and what score.  Guys.)  He googles the school.  “Here is your Cross Country.  Here is your football game.  They are not even at the same school buildings.”

Me: “You are not ruining this for me.  They are at the SAME SCHOOL.  This is perfect.  I get to see them both.  On the same night.”


That night I wore flip flops to the Cross Country (not my most brilliant idea) and added my winter coat to my wardrobe when I went to watch the football game.  This is how I roll, people.  I don’t like to be cold, but I don’t want to give up summer.

My friend Kim and I stood the whole game because those boys can NOT play football without us gasping, cringing, bobbing, take in the deep breaths for them when they get the wind knocked out of them and cheering loudly.

The next morning I could hardly walk because my hip hurt so badly from standing on cold concrete in flip flips.

This night so sums up September.

Other things happened too.

Isaac (S2) got his drivers license.  Jesus and I are VERY close right now.  I have constant prayers being said at all times of every day.


Jake has been gone.  Kind of.  I don’t understand these things but he has been sleeping in a sleeper semi truck in Chicago to haul steel to our area in Michigan while their cutter or roller or presser or whatever machine that they are trying to fix is down.


He usually comes home for about 30-45 minutes a night to take a shower, grab a new lunch and scarf down some dinner.  He also blares Fox News’s The Five from the day before to catch up on all his news.

So we have conversations like this:

Jake: “I am STARVING.  What do you have for dinner?”

Me: “It’s 1:45.  I wasn’t thinking dinner.”

Jake: “STARVING!  I am stinking starving!  Throw something together for me.  I need you to pick me up at 2:45.  No.  Wait.  Let me see what GPS is saying.  Pick me up at 2:30.  No.  2:33.  Pick me up at 2:33.  That would be great.”

I.  Could.  Not.  Resist.  “Two thirty three?  Okay!  Hey, you hungry?”

I have decided that the only way to roll with this is to laugh about it because people…if I don’t I am going absolutely crazy.  And to Jake’s credit he has gotten better because he used to do this have dinner ready thing to me as he was getting off the exit to our home.  Then he was expecting dinner in five minutes.  Now I get like a full thirty minutes to prepare meat and potatoes.

I am glad they think I am wonder woman and all but really.

Thumbs up for being wonder woman. Except I am so not.

I recently was making the bed and Eli (S3) was helping me.  “I am so tired, Eli,” I whined, “How much longer are we all going to be so tired?”

“Ten weeks, Mama.” he answered matter of factly, “Ten weeks from the beginning of school and we should feel better.”

Which should be about this week.

Except guess what?

At the football game I attended tonight, a student said, “Thanks, Denise, for having the float building at your house!”

Me, “Oh, that’s decided?  No problem!”

Student:  “See you Monday at 4:30!”

Me, “Okay!  Is that my warning to have cookies made?”

Student: “Well, we were kind of hoping you would.”

Me, “I figured.  I will!”  I walk to my seat.  Eli sits next to me.  Something isn’t quite right and I ask, “When is Homecoming?”

S3 “In two weeks.”

Me, “Then why is everyone coming over Monday for float building?”

S3 “Oh, I forgot to tell you that.  Oh good, you know.  Yah.  They want to work on the float for two weeks.  So I said you were good with that.  What cookies are you going to make?”

Hello, October.


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