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It’s not Friday (and I may have missed a few Friday Favorites there) but I am giving you a big ol’ post with ALL my boys about our Summer Favorites this year.

This post, in all honesty, is more for me than it is for you.  I have been asking them for weeks to give me their favorite unexpected memories of this summer – the things they will look back upon and think “that was awesome and I wasn’t even planning on it” – and I can’t wait to “record” or memories on to this post.

This brilliant idea of mine was met with dragging feet.  But Sunday I had everyone trapped together with no where for them to go (Jake surprised us all after church and took us out to dinner.  This has happened exactly ZERO times before.  As we waited for our food to arrive, I finally got their answers .) and I told them that we were getting this post done today.


Jake joined in the conversation and he said his favorite unexpected thing this summer was kayaking.  Friends of ours lent us their kayaks when we went camping and we had no idea how much fun we were going to have on those little boats.  He said that whole weekend was a good time.



Two of my most favorite parts of this summer were two things I never even had on my radar:

Taking the boys fishing:


  I don’t like fish.  I can’t eat fish.  I hate the smell of fish.  I don’t like mud.  I don’t like swamps and bugs.  But I DID love taking the boys fishing.  One day S3 (Eli) just couldn’t get it out of his head and I took him and since that July day, I took the boys fishing a couple of times a week.  When I look back at this summer, I’ll always remember our fishing days.

Sitting on the front porch:

I LOVE my back yard.  I am total back yard, back porch gal.  But the zinnia’s started blooming and I couldn’t get enough of them so I started sitting on the front porch.  Especially in the evening I would get out my knitting and sit and the boys would join me.


Eli, Abe and I have spent hours on the front porch this year and I have to say, that it has been the stage for many conversations, silly songs ( click link for the KNIT song) hours knitting and feeling a love for each other as well as our neighbors.  It’s just been plain old fashioned fun, these evenings on the front porch.  With school starting this past week we haven’t been out here and I am missing it a lot.


S1, Andrew:

If he had not given me his favorite part of the summer, I would have chosen it for him.  But he did pick the exact thing I knew he would choose…

His UP adventure.


Since they were very young, these boys have been talking about taking a road trip.  This summer has been insane, the weirdest summer of all our lives, but they pulled off their adventure.

They went to the Upper Peninsula and camped out.  They literally planned their route at 10pm the night before and left the next morning as 6am.

I am so glad they have these memories.


S2, Isaac:

Isaac said he had nothing for this summer.  Not one thing.

Isaac took a job this summer and he worked I don’t even know how many hours a week.  He has a had a lot of fun working with some fun guys but he has been gone most the summer as well.

This past week school started up.  Isaac is taking college classes and for this past week college hadn’t started up yet so he was able to have me take him to run some errands he wanted to look into. He ended up buying himself an iphone 7.  His beaming grin after his purchase was so fun for me to see.


S3, Eli:

Eli didn’t have to think hard.  It was catching his 18 inch bass.

He tried and tried and tried to catch fish while we were camping.  At one point, we spent nearly the whole day in the kayaks and he had a HUGE bass on his line and he nearly had him to the kayak when it got away.  I saw the bass so I can testify that this truly happened, otherwise his brothers may have thought it was just another “fish story”.  Moments after this lost fish, he managed to accidentally bump into a bees nest hanging on a low branch over the lake and his entire face was immediately covered in bees.  He dove into the water and was not stung once.

I truly believe in miracles.

He caught this bass when we all had given hope he would catch anything.

Eli has been a fishing crazed boy this summer.  Over Labor Day weekend my dad took him out for one last day of fishing and they had a lot of fun.

S4, Abe:

Abe does not want summer to end and so he could not for the life of him come up with one thing to say because if he said it aloud, it meant summer was truly over.

But he ended up choosing The Fishing Trip.

My brother plans The Fishing Trip a year in advance.  This is the first year they have used a cabin to stay in vs using tents as they have before. What happens at fishing camp week, stays at fishing camp week.  My brother (Uncle Dan), my dad and my dad’s brother take all the boys up for a solid seven days of fishing.

They love it.


Liberty (the world’s cutest puppy):

We asked Liberty what she liked most about summer and we go this look from her:

So basically everything, I guess.

It’s been quite the summer.

It’s the first summer I have been home in over seven years because I am a stay at home mom now.

Andrew graduated.

We bought the Shipsiburban to replace the Super Suburban.

We had our first ever graduation open house (or as my neighbor Raylene says “The nicest garden party!”)

We painted the outside of our house.

We went camping.

We went to our first Fiber Festival.

Andrew started college in another state.

My sister had baby number four on the 13th day she was overdue.

And now it is Labor Day.  Jake is off to purchase a new old vehicle because his Sweet Gold Olds minivan died this weekend and he needs a new “old lady car” to get him back and forth to work.  The boys have been in school for a week now.  Football and cross country has begun.  Andrew begins college and working this next week.  Our calendar is chock full with a million things to do in the upcoming month.

Everyone look like we are happy to be together and for school to be starting….

Summer could feel a million days ago if it weren’t still so summery out.  I wanted this one post to sort of encompass some of our most favorite parts.

So thanks, Boys, for making your mama happy and writing this post with me.

Video of us recording this post…so this post, in their own words:

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