Today we experienced what is know as the Michigan Fiber Festival.  It is held at the Allegan County Fairgrounds and I did not know such a thing existed until Naomi told me.  And since she told me, I have had a countdown to this day.

August 18 is has been circled and highlighted on the calendar.  And it wasn’t just because it’s also my sister’s due date (I may have told her she could not give birth this day – and so far, so good!).  I have could hardly wait for Fiber Fest Day!

Naomi forewarned her mom (who was coming with us) that I am not a morning person (I am not) and that I may be subdued and not to take it personally.  This is me in the morning typically but this morning I burst out the door and greeted them with my arms flung wide “IT’S FIBER FESTIVAL DAY!” I greeted enthusiastically.  This was at 9am and with only one cup of coffee in me.

I told my husband that this is all I wanted for my birthday and even at that he was less than thrilled about this day.  It’s hard to get a non yarn guy interested in yarn.

AJ drove straight through to get home in time for the yearly adventure and I can’t thank him enough because I don’t think I would have even attempted taking on this day without Naomi.

I did not know what to expect about the day but I can tell you this, it was more than I expected and I would go back THIS INSTANT if I could.

My husband is pretty sure that this day was worth a lifetime of days in which he has done his good deed for his wife and even though he did find plenty of people to talk with, he is pretty confident he will never go back.

But I guess my excitement was contagious enough in the beginning.

I don’t even know how to tell you how amazing this – the only festival I have ever been to – was.

Here is what I learned today:

Make sure you know what project you want to do before you begin so you have an idea of what you are looking for.

If you love it, buy it then.

People will go over the top to teach you something, to help you learn and to explain things.  The people I met today were awesome.

Pack water.  And maybe a granola bar.  You will loose track of time.  And then you will see the lines for food and drink are really really long and you’ll be glad for your water and granola.

Check the bathroom doors.  You may feel like you are just surrounded by women but guess what, there are men’s restrooms there and you do not want to accidentally walk into one.  (And if you are pushing open the door and a guy sees you he will double over in laughter at the shocked horror on your face…so I hear, or may have experienced).

I was basically overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS.

And it was overwhelmed in a good way.

Since learning to knit in January, I have known I have a lot to learn and being at the Fiber Festival made me realize I had more than I even ever knew I needed to learn.  It’s basically a whole other world!  A world filled with so many beautiful colors!

The boys were fascinated with the sheep shearing demonstrations.  They also enjoyed a sheep dog herding demonstration.  They wished there were more tractors.  They spent a large portion of time talking to those at the Historical Buildings.

Even after I had walked past all the vendors, I felt I could turn around and walk all the way through them again.

My mind was blown away by all the possibilities of fiber art and all the things you can do and all the projects you could make.

I overheard a woman say to her friend, “Well, if I die with too much yarn in my house it won’t be a bad thing.  Someone else will appreciate all that yarn!”

Things I did not know existed that we came home with were:

Wool Dryer Balls

Drop Spinner

Eli (S3) was fascinated by the drop spinner and he was also fascinated by the raw wool.  He bought a drop spinner and one random vendor (ShayDay Fiber Arts) gave him a tutorial on how to use it.  We didn’t even buy anything from her and she still helped Eli!  The sheep shearer sent Eli home with a large armful of wool fresh off the sheep.  (Eli is planning on how he can now get a sheep….)


I do know that Eli and I are totally ready to go back.  We’d go tomorrow.  I will have a countdown to next year.  I COMPLETELY REGRET NOT BUYING A T-SHIRT!

Eli bought me the Keep Calm and Carry Yarn Bag.  Is he not the sweetest?

This is what I DID come home with.  My project is going to be socks and the other skein of yarn I just totally fell in love with and Naomi and her mom told me I HAD to get it.  I am still not sure what to make with the funky shaped yarn but I LOVE it.  And seriously, how cute are these socks going to be?

The boys have been asking to have a blog post where they tell THEIR version of what REALLY HAPPENED and so you are in for a treat….the boys and I did a youtube video of this post.  Good gracious, there is no way to prepare you for what you are about to hear….

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