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My sister told me to.

She told me I needed to get some lavender, add it to my water, cut a slice of lemon, and enjoy.

She is eight months pregnant so I didn’t argue.

And people, she is so right.

This.  Is.  So.  Good.


I had gotten tired of my lemon lime water.  Naomi told me to try mint water and I can’t find mint.  But this is just my most favorite right now.

Well, this and my iced coffee.

If the lavender doesn’t taste strong enough, I smash it up with a spoon on the side of the glass.  Or I take a few leaves?stalks?stems? and tear them off.  When you do this though, you may want to drink the water from a straw because when you get lavender in your mouth, it’s WEIRD.  Like major weird.

My sister told me to do make this drink and she found lavender plants at the blueberry farm up the road from my house (but the blueberry farm has locations all over West Michigan – Brookside Blueberry Farm ).  Five dollars has never been so well spent.

I like this drink so much that I very literally chased my neighbor down who was out walking her grandson and her dog down the sidewalk.  I sent her home with a lemon and lavender so she could try it.

People, watch.  Next year I will tell you all how now I have an herb farm and that I specialize in lavender.  And we will point to this post as where it all began.  (I may or may not have just gotten a book on herb gardening from the library.)

But in the meantime, make this drink!  SO GOOD!  And summery perfect!

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