Oh my goodness gracious, I nearly forgot to get my Friday Favorites out to you all!

We just returned from a week of camping.

Ah, camping.  I hate the getting there.  I fear the coming home.  I think I like people until I am at a campground on a weekend.  BUT ALL THE OTHER DAYS…LOVE IT!  I don’t kind of love camping, I totally love camping.

It was an odd camping trip because it was me, S3 and S4 camping with my mom.  Just us.  Jake came out for the weekend, my dad and my oldest boys came to visit, but otherwise it was just us.

And we had a grand time.

So, Friday Favorites includes:

My Favorite Campground:

Fort Custer in Augusta, Michigan

There are SO MANY campgrounds and I know there are GREAT campgrounds, but our family has chosen this campground and we love all the memories made there.


This camping trip I kept my phone in the camper most of the time and just hung out with my family.  But there were moments I really wish I had it…like when we went kayaking and S4 and I filled my kayak with flowers to make bouquets when we got back to the campground.  The boys said I looked like Anne.  That they knew and remembered this scene made my day!


Surprise Gifts:

When I arrived home from camping, this was waiting for me.


I still do not know who sent it to me.  But I can tell you I am THRILLED and I cannot wait to savor this book page by page.  Whoever sent this to me, THANK YOU!

This Spotify Playlist:

Melanie Shankle made an Everyday Holy/Fearless Faith spotify playlist.  I have known for a long time that Mel and I could be bff’s.  This playlist further strengthens that thought.


And that is today’s Friday Favorites.  I want you to know I was forced to eat dark chocolate brownies warmed up and topped with cinnamon ice cream just to have the sugar high to write this post to you all as it is very late (nearly 10 pm, way way way past my bedtime, ask my boys) but I didn’t want to let you all down and not post these great week highs.

Seriously, these are so fun!

Now tell me, what are your favorite things of the week?

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