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Friday Favorites, where we share our favorite things!  And by we, I mean me.  But I really do want to know what YOUR favorite things are this week!  So please be sure to let me know!

In the podcasts I have been listening to this summer, many of them end the podcast interview asking someone three or four of the same questions for every guest OR they tell you some of the things they are loving.  It’s always my favorite part.  So I thought I would try to share with you what my favorite things of the week are.

Last week it was all about the flowers because I truly love flowers.  When I can’t have vases of flowers all over my house anymore due to the hard frost, I seriously struggle.  I. Love. Flowers.

This week I had so many things to choose from I have more than one post for you, but who can complain about having SO MANY FAVORITE THINGS?!?

And so I give you, my three most favorite things this week:

Prizes Delivered to my Door:

I won this giveaway!


WINNER UPDATE!! 🎉 Congrats to @life4boys for winning the 1K Follower Giveaway! DM me your address, please! Thank you to everyone who entered, and thank you all for following along with me here!!❤️ … Two more days to enter to win these books and goodies! See below for how to enter my 1K Follower Giveaway… #Repost @laurenkdentonbooks with @get_repost ・・・ ✨✨1K Follower Giveaway!!✨✨I can’t wait to get these books and goodies into some lucky person’s hands! I included some of my favorite books from @pattichenry (signed!), @maryalicemonroe (the very first book in her Beach House series) @sarahaddisonallen @emily.d.c (signed!), @judyfogarty (signed!), and #jcourtneysullivan! Plus an adorable pair of cozy, organic socks from Alabama-based @zkano_socks and a delicious “Fireflies” candle from Birmingham-based High Cotton Candle Company (via @alabamagoods). It smells heavenly!Here’s how to enter: ⭐️LIKE this post, ⭐️TAG 2 friends, and ⭐️Tell me your favorite book you’ve read this year. (Hard to choose, I know!) Good luck! I’ll choose a winner Wednesday July 25 at 8pm CST. Contest not affiliated in any way with Instagram. Open to US residents only at this time. (I’m sorry!) #giveaway #bookgiveaway #contest #womensfiction #bookclub #bookclubs

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And it arrived just in the knick of time.  I am planning my week camping trip and guess what I don’t have to worry about now?  What books to pack.  Is it just me or do you also pack a mini library when going away?

The boys thought it was great that there were two broken crayons in the box that arrived.  Now, I wondered whether I should mention that or not but here is the thing, it’s just real life and it made me like this author all the more that the box she sent me had leftover crayons in it.  There was also bubble wrap, which lasted approximately 0.4 seconds before it as all popped.  With force.

Lauren even sent a hand written note which was just the sweetest.

You can purchase her latest book for $1.99 for Kindle, which is pretty sweet. There is still summer left to read a great summer book!

This Oil Blend:

I know nothing at all about essential oils.  Not. A. Thing.

In fact, when they became all huge I may have made fun of them a little.

Recently when Naomi was home from her travels across the country for a bit, Jake mentioned how when we were sitting together knitting on the couch he noticed how much younger Naomi looks than me.

Oh, isn’t he just the sweetest?

But Naomi was thrilled because (hold on, she is really the sweetest), she had been using some essential oil concoction the month she had been gone and she was so excited to hear it was making dramatic differences.  So she just whipped me up some.  I have no idea what was in the mason jar she sent home with me but you better believe that I smothered that stuff all over me like it was from the fountain of youth.

I tried using it morning and night but it was just to icky feeling on me during the day so I quit doing that.  And then I quit using it as often as I was because I didn’t notice a huge difference. Maybe because I see myself every day?

Then I got sunburned.  I mean, like the super annoying no I didn’t mean to do this and yes it hurts so keep asking me sunburn.  I had taken the boys blueberry picking, then fishing and got a little sun.  Then I took the boys fishing the next day and it was like my skin just had had enough and burnt.  Even with sunblock.  Naomi told me to use the brew she had made me and I learned how to smooth it on in a thin layer and I kept it on for the whole week, morning and night.  It did amazing things to my skin and it made me never peel a bit.  I could feel when the oil was wearing off and I would just dip my finger tips in in and smooth it on again.  I have a tiny bit in my jar left and I am hoarding it because I don’t know when Naomi is coming home again and I need a full jar of this amazing whatever it is.

Then she made me some new concoction and I can only use it three days a week it is so potent.

I have been using it Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.  That’s my plan and I kid you not, one week into using it Jake mentioned that I sure look a lot younger than him and how come I don’t have bags under my eyes like he does?  I could have given him a snarky comment but the truth is, it’s probably this brew that she made up.

I am not even sure if you call oils mixed together a brew.  I don’t know what to call it or what it is or what’s in it, but I do know that I never want to be without it again.

This Song:

Joy, by for King and Country

As stated before, JOY is my 2018 word for the year and so it was a no brainer that this song would catch my attention.  I have included the link to the lyric video so you can know what all the words are, but the music video is fun too.  This and the Lauren Daigle song are on constant repeat over here.

And thanks to S3 (Eli) riding his bike down to the DG (Dollar General) to pick me up a bluetooth speaker the exact same week mine died, I can crank this song loud.  Seriously, how sweet is he to find out DG’s has bluetooth speakers, wait to use the coupon to save some money, peddle his bike down there and then come in the house swinging the bag and saying “Here, Mama, I got this for you” with a big ol’ grin on his face.  That boy.

Anyhow, these are my favorites of the week.

Tell me yours!  I really want to know!

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