Look!  Two Friday Favorites in a row!

Last week I posted the first one and feel free to go back to read it.

This week my favorites are….

This Sunflower….

I am loving this whole garden.  When we first moved in we were afraid the little white rock rectangle may be a pet cemetery and I can’t lie that made us nervous – also, S3 got me a glow in the dark cross because “I know you love Jesus” and wanted it in a special place…next to my favorite little flower garden.  Nope, not a little creepy at all.  Anyhow, the video tells you but I didn’t plant this sunflower.  It fell from the bird feeder and turned into all this.  I could not be more thrilled with it.  I call it my Sunflower From Jesus.

This entire little garden is looking great this year!

Notice?  Lavender! It’s how I keep making all my Lavender Lemon Water.

These WERE pink flamingos.  They are a little old and white now.  And maybe their legs disappeared somehow.  But I still have to have them here.  The boys dug them out of a garbage heap at a tractor show.  And yet they still had to pay for them.  So I really treasure them!

I really like how this sunflower successfully blocks the laundry I am supposed to be folding.

Our front walk

Isaac (S2) planted these zinnia’s for me and I am LOVING them and watching to see the new blooms every day.

In the spring this walkway is daffodils and then tulips and it’s so fun to see it full of tall flowers again this summer.  It’s the first time we have tried this and I think this is our new every year thing.

I can’t wait until this is all full of blooms!  Do you see the lone sunflower?  It snuck in there and I don’t have the heart to make it move.

I feel like zinnia’s are just such a happy flower!

My Rock Garden

My dad built me this rock garden this spring and I still cannot believe how beautiful it is.  Also, these impatients are just the most impressive annuals EVER.  We had not expected anything to do well this year and then this rock garden happened.


My dad built this for me today. My heart is so full.

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I take every photo with anyone and everyone here.  I love how I can see it all the time from my house.  This rock garden is a true gift and I can’t tell you in words how much it means to me.  It showing off this year?  It makes me smile every day.  Show off, rock garden!  All you do is remind me of love.
This Flower Bouquet

Abe (S4) bought me this bouquet of flowers last Saturday and I cannot even begin to describe how grat they smell. Because I was so impressed with them, I had to look up who had put the bouquet together and Danielle from Petal Patch Farms tells me…The flowers this week was Quickfire Hydrangea, butterfly bush, and phlox.

So basically my entire Friday Favorites is flowers.  But when they are this beautiful, how can they not be???


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2 Responses to Friday Favorites

  1. Naomi says:

    I can’t stop laughing about the glow in the dark gift. It was so sweet of him.

    • life4boys says:

      I’ll show you next time you come over here. It seriously does look like a grave – more so than before!

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