We went on a date and it cost us a total of $5.30.  This is what we love to call #OldLove.

On our way home from the date, I got to giggling about how the whole evening and my husband looked at me and said, “Well, there is a blog post!”

Here is how we had a full date night on $5.30.

I heard the Crane Wives were coming to a local library.  I had heard them before on the news or something or another and knew I had liked them so I convinced Jake to go with me.

He was so thrilled to go to a library.  BUT IT WAS FREE so he entertained me because he loves me.

Because he is my husband, he made sure to wear his Trump 2020 shirt.  “There’s going to be a lot of liberals at the library so I have to do my part to show them the way of Trump,” he said, or something like that.  He wears a Trump shirt every where we go these days.

Nearly every time he does someone tells him they like it and follows it with “But I wouldn’t be brave enough to wear that around.”  How sad is it that we don’t feel safe to.  Also, nearly every time he wears it we get in in some long winded (half hour plus) conversation about how great Trump is.  Trump has a LOT of supporters, they just don’t say anything.  Jake helps bring out the Trump Support.

However, every time he wears it he also makes someone so infuriated that it becomes a whole thing.  He has had official complaints made against him.  For.  Wearing.  A.  Shirt.


You all remember how we couldn’t go out on our anniversary so the boys thought this should be an anniversary date and they stayed home.  Also, we had been without power earlier in the day so they were thrilled to stay home and watch movies.

As we walked into the library he mentioned to me that this could be a very boring concert full of old people.  “Husband,” I reminded him, “you are talking to someone who knits, has worked in a library and who seems to have more and more in common with people my grandparents age.  I think I’ll do fine here.”

I thought the concert was intimate and the Crane Wives sounded fabulous.

My husband was getting twitchy because he is not really into indie folk music.  And he was in a library.

When the concert was over we hopped on over the Mexican restaurant because in Charles Martin’s book Send Down the Rain (SO GOOD) he mentions Sopapillas and I have been hungry for them ever since.  I didn’t even know what sopapillas were!  I just knew I needed them in my life.   I had Jake listen to the book and told him to remember how to say that dessert word so I could order some.

We asked the Mexican Restaurant if they had them and they did and let me just tell you…they were MUCH better in the book.

I just now looked up the recipe for them and they look nothing like what we ate so I may have to just try these on my own.

Jake hadn’t gotten his fill of free popcorn at the library so he was thrilled to get warm tortilla chips and salsa at the restaurant.  He scarfed those down and since we were both severely parched we ordered giant waters.

Our bill?


“Wow,”  I joked, “I’m a cheap date!”

Jake had a big laugh over that.

After Jake was filled up on his chips and salsa, I had him pull into the back parking lot of the barber shop so I could show him my favorite little flower garden between the buildings.  I informed him that I have gardening goals to reach a garden that looks this beautiful.

And here we took selfies because why not?

Then we hopped into the Shipsiburban (my name for our suburban) and headed home, not even stopping to pick up groceries (not that we didn’t need any but Aldi’s closed in 15 minutes so we passed it up) so it was a real legit date.

“This was so fun!” I gushed.

“And cheap!  I like cheap!” he agreed.

And then he said words of love…

“What’s that stuff you put on your eyelashes to make them dark?  It’s mascara, isn’t it called mascara?”

“Um, yeeeees,” I agreed, unsure of where this conversation was going.

“Your mascara looks really nice tonight.”

Shock.  “Um, thanks.”

“See, I knew that fancy word mascara. I’m telling you, I really do know all there is to know about women.”

And I rolled my eyes.

I feel that conversation explains so much about us.

We took a video on our way home that night.  This really tells the story better than I am so, for your enjoyment….

Tell me about one of YOUR favorite cheap dates!  I really want to know!

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2 Responses to An #OldLove Date for $5.30

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love this!!!! My current favorite date night option is… I grab a diet mt dew and a snack bag of peanuts or m&m’s for Mark and a kombucha and single portion bag of stringless snap peas for myself. Then I meet Mark (who keeps folding chair in his truck) in GH as soon as he’s out of work and we sit in the grass by the boardwalk and catch up on life. One on one face time (undivided attention ) is absolutely my love language.

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