I have been listening to a bunch of podcasts and the one thing I enjoy the most is when the host takes a moment and asks them some deep question like…

What is your favorite song?

I just love hearing what people are loving so I thought I would (ahem, TRY) to have a weekly Friday Favorites.

This could be fun!

So here are some of my Friday Favorites…things I have been really loving or recommending this week.

This song by Lauren Daigle:

I am surprised the boys have not complained because I have it on repeat.  I listen to it, do the youtube play lists with it, decide I just need to hear it again, someone talks to me so I rewind it….it’s a whole thing.  I get tired of the youtube playlists but since I keep playing THIS song, any playlists it offers me right now seems to have this song as one of the first.  I don’t complain.

Lauren is coming to Grand Rapids in concert and I literally all out girl squealed in joy.  Then my husband told me that in his day, $30 would be the price for two tickets and the gas in his pick up to and from the concert.  Apparently he is very very very old.   Turns out he shouldn’t have complained because those $30 tickets went up to $100 so now I guess I’ll be buying the album (oh, bummer) and then cranking it the night of the concert for my own concert.  It won’t be awful.


This message:

Part One of the Step Out series (because that is what he preached Sunday)

I know you are not supposed to sit in church and think about how the message would be PERFECT for someone I thought of.  Actually, more than one person.  AND it made me think of THIS SONG (so look, two songs on Friday Favorites…I can’t help myself).  I did share this message on facebook and it was what some people needed and I didn’t even know.  And in all honesty, I have listened to it three times.  The first in church (I took so many notes!), the second as I washed dishes and a third time because the second time had found me crying over the message as though I had never heard it before so I had to listen a third time.

I can’t wait to hear part two.


And this:


The blueberry farm is literally up the road from our house.  I LOVE this blueberry farm and it’s been so fun to quick run up and pick blueberries, buy a lavender plant, get so excited over the turnovers that you do a happy dance and end up talking to the owner of ALL THE FARMS in your grubby paint stained no one loves me clothes.  The blueberry farm has made some great memories already this year and we have just begun!



What are things YOU are loving this week?  Tell me so we can all enjoy the fun of Friday Favorites together! 

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4 Responses to Friday Favorites

  1. Naomi says:

    Being an Auntie, I never knew I would love it this much.
    This song, thanks to you and Andrew G. https://youtu.be/xzHpYyB_F3U
    AJ likes it too!
    Prairie dogs, how can you not love those little guys!

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