I made up a recipe for iced coffee that is as simple and easy as can be.  I like it so much that when I find myself next to a drive through where I can pick up an iced coffee, I pass because mine is better.

That sounds like I am gloating.  I am not.  I was rather shocked when I realized that I liked mine better.

But that’s a good thing!

Naomi, whom I have introduced you to before, sent me a video of how she made a mint julep type of drink and so I made her this video of my iced coffee.  I didn’t plan it, it’s not pretty, it is for surely not edited but it gives you the instructions.

Make it and let me know what you think!



Starbucks Caramel Coffee (but you can use any kind you like)

Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Syrup

Hershey’s Caramel Syrup

Half and Half


Brew coffee.  Pour in container and let cool (you can put it right in the fridge but I let it just cool a bit on the counter and then put it in the fridge).  I try to make this coffee a day in advance.  If you need it right away, make some ice cubes from leftover coffee so you don’t water down the coffee taste.  I actually make this coffee much stronger than I would normally make coffee…and I have not ever been accused of making weak coffee.  Add your favorite ingredients.  Enjoy!

Also worth noting: you can do this with leftover coffee (if there is such a thing) so you could make just one cup.  I would suggest putting it in a mason jar with a lid so it’s ready for you to mix up later.


The best part is you can make it any way you like!  As I said, I like dark espresso roast coffee in my french press with half and half as my daily coffee.  But I picked up the caramel coffee to give it a try as the iced coffee – I actually don’t like it hot.  When I order iced coffee, I get the iced coffee, double the half and half.  I did not expect to enjoy this sweet treat so much!

The only problem, my boys love it now too!

Isaac (S2) adds french vanilla to this same mixture.  He likes it better than the plain half and half.  But that’s the fun!  You can make it any way you want!

Tell me your favorite mixes – but be sure to enjoy iced coffee this summer!

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3 Responses to Easy Iced Coffee

  1. Naomi says:

    I like your video, I feel like I am there with you. It is so delicious!

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