Many of you may recall that I am a huge fan of Alli Worthington.  Her book Breaking Busy is dog eared and well used here at my house.  Her book Fierce Faith is fierce and speaks into life.   I have subscribed to her Friday devotionals and her Sunday 52 Weeks to Be Healthier, Happier and Enjoy Life More.

She’s legit, people.  Alli is worth following to hear what she is learning and sharing.

Alli let on she was thinking of starting a podcast and I freaked with joy because I go to podcasts to hear her talk.  She is easy to listen to and real real real.  She asked if anyone would like to take show notes for her and I offered.  She sent me this podcast to listen to….


Today is the day! I’m launching my podcast called “The Alli Worthington Show,” and I’m over the moon excited to announce the one and only @BobGoff is my first guest . 👉🏻 We talk about the sweet thing he did for my son four years ago . 👉🏻 Why Bob believes in **not** avoiding difficult people . 👉🏻 How the book was written TWICE. (Yes, you read that right. He wrote it twice!) . 👉🏻 How Bob plans his future just in case he gets the call that he is going to be a Grandpa! . . 👉🏻 His belief in availability. Millions of people have his phone number (can you even imagine?). . ⭐ The Alli Worthington Show is built on one premise- I bring on people I know, I respect, and want to learn more from . After I talk with a friend, I have coaching time for about 10 minutes where I answer three of your questions. These questions will always be about life, faith, and business . In this episode, I answer these questions-  1. What would you tell 25-year-old Alli? (28:5) . 2. How do you keep your schedule organized and keep work from overwhelming you? (31:03) . 3. How do you make prayer a priority? (35:23 . The show will launch new episodes weekly, but because it’s launch week, I’ll be announcing a new episode each day for three days . Go on over to iTunes to listen and subscribe today. You are going to love this conversation with Bob! . #AlliWorthingtonShow

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I probably listened to it four times before I took notes on it.  It is a quick listen and I have not stopped thinking about it.  I have never read Bob Goff but guess what book I just requested from the library???

Well, to be honest I tried to get Everybody, Always but you can’t touch a library copy so Love Does is headed my way.

People, there is so much goodness in this podcast…as you can see from my note taking.  (This is one page of two)


Listen to it and tell me what you think of it all.  What stood out to you?  What had you going back to hear again?  It’s so good!

Because I already have listened to this, I have gone on to listen to this one with Lisa Bevere.  I am telling you!  You will want to subscribe to this podcast!

Way to go, Alli on your The Alli Worthington Show podcast!  I am so excited you finally doing this!

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