Mother’s Day weekend!  Woohoo!

I was asked to do a podcast with Andrew Gommesen of Speaking4Him as a special Mother’s Day episode.

I handled this request with all kinds of class.  After nearly fainting, I reread it to make sure he meant me and then I freaked and texted Naomi because SHE got me into all this.

Have I ever mentioned I have a flair for the over dramatic?

Naomi is friends with Andrew and they do book conversation about four times a year.  She and I were scheduled to talk with Andrew about the Magnolia Story in a book club type conversation that we had planned already (as if someone had to twist my arm to talk about Chip and Joanna Gaines) and he asked me to stay and do this Mother’s Day podcast as well.

So we did.

To be fair, we recorded the book club one that will air later this month (I’ll link to that when it happens) and THEN (without even leaving the room) we did this one.  So this is technically my second time on a podcast.

Andrew and Adam were great.  They were so kind and funny and we all had a really great time.


Naomi took video and remembered to grab a couple pics so that was awesome of her.

Andrew of Speaking 4 Him intros it with this:

Denise Dykstra joins Adam McNutt and me on this weeks show to talk about among other things her boys, coffee, and a very important decision she recently made and its impact on her family! Listen and be encouraged that motherhood matters!


Without further ado, I give you the Speaking4Him special edition podcast on Mother’s Day!

Now that you have listened to it, can you do me a favor and rate it?  That REALLY helps a podcast.  It’s super easy to do. On my iphone, you go to the library part of podcasts and just scroll down a bit to where the star rating is and rate it with stars.  You can leave a review if you would like – but anything you do would be so helpful.  THANK YOU!

Please tell me what you thought here or on facebook.

Here are all the show notes that I think were mentioned in the podcast….


My post on leaving the library

My post on how awesome teens are

Church of the Small Things by Melanie Shankle

Everyday Holy by Melanie Shankle (Naomi and I are both reading this)

Sue Cramer….she gets a lifetime of thanks for getting me to blog in the first place.

THE POST by Alli Worthington that you can pray but you better be prepared for what happens next.  I literally prayed it over and over and over, I was in such a place of desperation of wanting to know what God wanted for me.  I would say “Dear God, please open the doors that need to be opened, close the doors that need to be closed and please oh please give me the wisdom to know the difference.”  I prayed this for about a solid year.  Warning, I just started praying this again.  The Alli post is little teeny tiny, but prayer is always big to our amazing God.

I cannot tell you how fun it has been to be a homemaker again. Seriously!  Emily Ley has had a huge help in that. I have a lot more decluttering to do but it is so fun to finally decorate the house to make it feel like home. Follow her Ruthless Declutter challenge to get you started.


Here are some more “behind the scenes” things….

I love stuff like this so I figured you would as well.

When Naomi came to pick me up, Hunter answered the door for her.  I came running around the corner, probably looking like some crazed woman and not all the slightly relaxed one here in this video, to see what she was wearing.  “THANK GOODNESS!” I cried out, “You dressed up too!”

We dress up gooooooood.

I brought in cookies for everyone.  I didn’t think we should eat them on air but I guess that’s a thing they like to do, to talk over food on air.  They are a fan of the chocolate chip cookies!

It was approximately the temperature of an oven in the studio…maybe because I was a wee bit nervous.  But it was HOT in there and I cannot say what any photo after the recording was done made me look like.  But here is a photo of when we began.

See the chair I am sitting in?

Took me THREE TRIES to get in that thing.  Three.  People, graceful I am not and I am so thankful that I did not fall and split open my forehead attempting to get in this thing.  A chair.  Who know it would be so difficult?

Can you see the little Everyday Holy notebook I have there?  I had notes in them for the podcasts.  I looked at it a few times in the Magnolia Story podcast and I read a verse or something from the notebook but I literally have hardly any recollection of what I said in this entire conversation.

Hopefully whatever I said can be of some kind of encouragement to someone else.  That’s my prayer.

Pics of my boys because I can…


Jake hauls metal coils for a job.  He drives around the state and near Chicago and a bit in other states getting and delivering metal.  See his hat?  I knitted that awesome hat.  Just saying.


@jason_harold_ wants my sunglasses. 🤣🤩☀

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Andrew, who graduates this MONTH so I CAN’T EVEN.


Isaac, who just turned 16.  He has a talent for making impressive fishing decoy baits (I hope I said that right, I just think they look pretty) and loves to hunt and keeps all my flowers and yard looking amazing.


Happy 16th birthday to S2, Isaac Marks!!!!

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This just makes me laugh.  Eli and Abe.  They are both in track and I was all “Praise, Jesus!  They are in the SAME sport!”  So my afternoons look like this…pick boys up (Isaac, Levi, Hunter), pick up Abe an hour later, pick up Eli and hour and 15 minutes later OR pick up Isaac, Levi and Hunter, drop them off, drive a bazillion miles away, watch Eli and Abe do each three things usually at the same time drawn out over a zillion minutes as I stand on a side of track not having a clue what is going on on but trying to shout inspirational things like “Finish strong!” and “Keep up the great pace!” and “Good job!”  Track is a WHOLE THING!


The nephews.


Easter Pic of the family


Happy Easter!

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My Dad made this car.  You know, no big deal.  Just MADE A CAR.  He pulled it up from a sand pit, it had a tree growing in it, he made the grill himself and this thing DRIVES.  This is just ONE of the things my dad does in his spare time.  You know, because he is all SUPER Dad.  My mom took a video of him driving this around the yard and it’s just the best thing ever.

A recent photo of me and my mom.  We were freezing at the first track meet of the year and wondering just whose crazy idea it was for me to have children who like to do things like track and field at a place that felt like it was on the surface of an ice berg.  My mom is truly amazing.  She and I are going through the Bible together this year.  We follow a plan she found on the YouVersion app and I can not even tell you what it has meant to me to do this with her.  If anyone at all thinks I am doing okay as a mom, I will always point you to my mom.  All mistakes are my own.  My parents are…well, words just cannot even describe them.

And that about wraps up this post.  Thanks again for listening to the podcast, have a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day weekend and I hope you stop by again soon!


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  1. Kela Nellums says:

    GIRLFRIEND! You doin’ the thang!!!! Love every morsel of this!!!!

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