Recently, Jake and I took part in a conversation that had us searching the internet for answers, looking up old artifacts, digging deep to find out that….Salt did in fact cost 8 cents a canister in the 1970’s.  And the man who owned Morton was named JOY.

What could made us go this insane over finding information on salt?

Our gypsy friends.


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I have mentioned my friends Naomi and AJ and their two boys Reagan and Stephen who travel all over the country in their tiny house, or huge semi, depending how you look at it.  It’s a legit thing.  They travel clear across our United States in a semi truck.  Two boys.  In a semi.  On the road in never ending journeys.  It’s like a modern day one truck wagon train.  Or maybe a better description would be a gypsy because they do already have a home (here) even if they are only here rarely.

Naomi and I met at the library.  For whatever reason, we just totally connected.  Okay, I know the reason.  God just knew we needed each other.  It’s pretty much as simple as that.

I am pretty sure we can’t be the only ones who have this couple scenario as well….the wife will make a friend and she will be gushing all about how they need to go double date and the husbands will totally not “click” or vice versa.   But for us, because AJ and Jake both have the common knowledge of driving truck, they hit it off fast.

Because Naomi and I are moms of boys, we totally connected on that level too.

Then Naomi went and taught me how to knit and good grief, we are just like the weirdest funnest families ever.

Naomi and I text a lot to each other.  Because we don’t see each other often, we have recently begun sending videos to each other.  She tells me how to move on in my ongoing sweater saga and I show her how it’s snowing or my flowers are blooming or whatever else we have going on.

You can follow along with them on their youtube page Truck Life and they also post a lot on instagram.

In this video, AJ totally throws me under the bus for sending them baked goods.  But did you hear how they were stuck and then NEEDED those baked goods?  Always have cookies, people.  Let this video be proof.

Anyhow, last week Naomi texted me that she was out of salt and that was the same equivalent as me being without water.

We buy all our water here in town.  Since moving from the farmhouse, we can’t get used to the city water taste and so we regularly look like water hoarders.  She knows I start to panic when we get down to six gallons of water in the house.  Of course, now that she is all wagon train living, if they run out of water it’s a bad thing too.


“Truck stops don’t sell salt and pepper,” Naomi texted me. Then she sent me a pic of a big plate of nachos and a huge handful of salt packets.  “I did find salt through the condiments.  I couldn’t just grab it in good conscience so we bought Nachos.”

Me: “Jake says you have issues if you have to add salt to nachos”

Naomi: “The lady at the check out probably thought so too”

Me: “Jake wants you to know that when he was little you could get a Morton can of salf for FOUR cents so you could have easliy grabbed all those salts because $500 in fuel = free salt packets.  But who turns down nachos?  Also.  FOUR CENTS.  He is OLD.”

Naomi: “Wow.  4 cents, was that back in the early 1900’s?”

Me: “He says late 70’s and I am like 1870????  He wants me to say 1970 and now he is looking on my salt container for the price but they don’t have prices anymore”

Naomi: “tell him we did not buy salt until we were older, you know, when computers were around. The plain morton salt is little more than $1”

Me: “85 cents at Meijer” and I sent her a screen shot of the price of a 26oz of salt just like that, thanks to my iphone.

Meanwhile, Jake is frantically searching for the price of salt in 1970.  He is talking into his android, asking it to find prices for him.

Naomi: We passed the Morton Salt Place out west.  I can see why it is so cheap they had mountains of it.  See, this is the great thing about being an adult, one can have a conversation about salt and the cost”

Me: “I am laughing! Jake is looking up grocery prices from way back yonder now”

Naomi: “I complain about the price of butter.”

Me: “That’s a whole thing.  Don’t get me started on butter.”

Naomi and I are Dutch girls.  We feel butter makes everything better.

S1, Andrew, arrived home.  Here Jake and I were on the couch staring at our phones.  I was texting Naomi and Jake is saying “Grocery ad from 1970” and “the price of salt in 1970”  and he wasn’t getting anywhere.   “Don’t laugh, Andrew!” I huffed, “this is IMPORTANT stuff!”

We weren’t getting anywhere so I asked on facebook and instagram.  Yes, we were that determined to get the price.

I was able to find that a McDonald’s hamburger cost 15 cents in 1955.  And the owner of Morton salt was named JOY, not Jay like people like to think.  His real name is JOY.  And Salt brings you JOY!”

Thanks to THIS site you can find the prices of lots things.  And here we found, thanks to someone on facebook, the price of a container of salt….eight whole cents.

“See, I was right!” Jake touted.

“You were double the price off.  DOUBLE THE PRICE.  Not even close, Mister,” I told him.

Naomi: “And this is why you blog because you can’t make this whole thing up.  So what did you do last night?  Looked up salt prices over the years…”

But the next day when she sent me this photo…..


I couldn’t stop laughing.

When they finally made it back home, I made sure I had a 26 ounce container of salt for her.  On the lid I wrote JOY.

My word for 2018 is Joy.

The verse I have for 2018 is “You shall go out with Joy and be led forth in peace” Isaiah 55:12

I love how God sends all kinds of reminders of Joy in my life like having friends who we search the price of salt with and come up with the word JOY.  For friends who go out in Joy in their big old semi, or teeny tiny house, according to how you look at it.

God knew we needed each other when we didn’t know we did and I am so thankful for them.

Also, I really hope the Jeopardy show randomly calls us and asks us some Morton salt questions and gifts us some huge prize for knowing so much about salt now.



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3 Responses to Salt = Joy

  1. Betty Dykstra says:

    I do remember getting a can of salt for four cents but I did not think Jason would remember. I don’t think it was that all over because people at my work would ask me to get them some. Good memory Jason.

    • life4boys says:

      He continually told me you got it for four cents. I even asked him to call you about this. You must have a had a good place to get it because even others we heard from didn’t find it that cheap.

  2. Naomi Vanharn says:

    It is neat how God is showing Himself to you in even the little things!

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