“Eli,” I hollered out, “I am going to get us a kegger!”

“Really?” my 14 year old asked excitedly.  “Where did you find it?”

“Facebook, of course!  Dad says we can get it so we are leaving right now.  It’s just ten dollars!”

“That’s great!” he agreed, “Good job, Mama!”

And that’s how we got a kegger.

I should probably start at the beginning.

Way back in January when Naomi (she travels across the country with her family in a semi – the ultimate tiny house! Catch a video of their life HERE ) was home she told me she was going to bring me a cake maker so we could have cakes.

I have never told her this, but I was checking for what I had for tea in the house to go with the cake.  I was also wondering what she had to make cake that was different than what I had in my kitchen.  She arrived with a ball winder, also known as swifter.

And no cake.

A swifter makes yarn skeins into cakes.

I know, all this explanation does for me is makes me say “a what makes yarn what into CAKE, cake I know!”

But it’s these cute little “cakes” of yarn and they make working with yarn ever so much easier.


I mentioned our search for one in Knitting At A Bar.

But for whatever reason beyond anything we can figure out, somehow how all the terms got jumbled up in S3’s head and the only term he can recall is “Keg”.

It’s how many kegs of yarn.

It’s the kegger to make kegs of yarn.

I don’t even know.

However, we aren’t really helping the situation because now we just call it a kegger too.  And if you go in a yarn store and ask for a kegger….well, that would be a conversation I believe they would remember.

It has however made a memorable facebook conversation.

S3 was on facebook marketplace looking for yarn and found what he believed was a great deal.  He moves on a great deal.  He contacted the seller and I kid you not, this is their EXACTLY WORDED CONVERSATION…with my name and profile….

S3 clicked the “Is this available?” option.

FB user: Yes

S3: About how many kegs of yarn is there

FB user: I am not sure…

Bless the woman, she sent photos of all the yarn.

Eli came running into the kitchen to show me.  “I found a great deal on a lot of kegs of yarn!” he said happily.

“Great! I’ll message about them later,”I told him as I worked on finishing up making breakfast.

“I already did,” he answered proudly.

When I read it I wanted to have the ground swallow me up.  But there is for sure a God because I seriously prayed, “Dear God, please let this be someone who lives far far far away and doesn’t know any of the same people I know.”

And God answered that desperate prayer.

That FB user was well over two hours away.  Praise Jesus!

After not finding a kegger (swifter) in the stores, I had sort of given up looking for them.  I had one in my Amazon cart I could send my way at any time but I just waited….

And then one nice Sunday afternoon THERE WAS A KEGGER.  And the seller said she would sell it to me for $10 if I got there that afternoon so I gave my husband my best most pitiful look and he said yes and off we went.

We arrived at a home festooned with pink flamingos so I was quite certain we were going to hit it off.

We did.

This woman was just all kinds of kind (as it seems everyone in this knitting community seems to be thus far) and she showed me her loom.  This woman didn’t knit but she told me who to meet and where to go and what groups meet when and where.  Jake gave up hope of me ever getting out of that magical house and had turned off the super suburban and just sat there… waiting….

When we left with that kegger, I was all kinds of grins.

“Look!” I sent to Naomi, “We got ourselves a kegger!”

She answered back with “Now you can make some awesome kegs of yarn!”

The fun we are going to have now!

But first cake…the kind you eat with tea.

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2 Responses to We Got a Kegger

  1. Beth says:

    Any tea goes with cake, and every cake goes with tea! Cake just goes with anything!

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