How does one go from “Life is wonderful” Awesome to not awesome in 5.5 Seconds?  As in, “this day is great” to “IF YOU ALL DON’T GO TO YOUR ROOMS RIGHT NOW SO HELP ME JESUS”

Wait, am I the only one?

When I explained this to my ever so understanding husband (I may have just rolled my eyes) he informed that according to the book he had just finished listening to, all bad things happen for good and I should find the good in it.

So I’ll share it all with you and you all can tell me the good.

There is nothing traumatic or bad or truly awful that happened.  It’s just life.

As in when you watch This Is Us and they show this scene that is all making your cry and so lovely (think Jack giving Rebecca the necklace) and the next scene is the kids wrestling and them rushing to get ready for whatever the day was bringing with bickering who is going to use the bathroom.  Life.

This week spring arrived.  Finally.  You know it’s going to but this year was just really really really dragging it’s feet.

Today I was in my kitchen that was finally clean from all the dirty dishes, I had done some baking, everyone was going to be home for dinner and I was making a big one – chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, noodles, stuffing…

I was very literally having a “Thank you, Jesus” conversation.  Literally.  There may have even been a hand raise of just waving hello to my God who I was feeling overwhelmed and blessed by.

The birds were singing.  The sun was shining.  The daffodils were in bloom in front of me.  My boys were in the back yard and I could hear them laughing.  S2, S3 and S4 were playing with my nephews and it was just one of those moments you take a moment to pause and say “I have been waiting for THIS for months and now it is HERE.”

Tears.  Happy grateful overwhelmed tears.

And then I hear crying and all the boys are scattering because someone pushed someone who pushed someone back and someone fell off the hammock and hit their head and while it is no injury, they are carrying on as if the worst injustice has occurred.

It is in this moment my sister in law arrives to pick up her boys.

And as they walk out the door the phone rings and it’s my husband asking about dinner.

I have two boys crying, I have dinner I am not trying to get on the table and as I am washing off a glass lid to a pot I had just had in the oven, it shatters all over the sink.

As in, the lid is in my hand and as I run the cold water over it (I know better), it shatters in a million pieces all over my sink.

Like my day.

It’s about this moment that my husband walks in and wants to know what’s wrong with me.

Dinner is eaten without our oldest, he worked late.

Chicken bones and fat and ick were spilled all over the side of the garbage can and on the floor…the floors that I had very literally washed four times the day before.

My husband tells me allllllllllllllllll about the book he finished listening to today and says “all bad things happen for a good reason”.

“So what’s the good in this?” I asked him.  “How is it good to go from Praise, Jesus to yelling at the kids and bursting a lid all over the sink and feeling like ARGH?”

I don’t know.  I know it’s just typical little every day stuff.  I still am thankful, there still so much to be thankful for.  Great afternoon (other than those moments), great dinner, everyone is home (now), the boys and I had a laugh about my roller coaster emotions, and I am going to keep trying to always find the joy in the every day.

But I will admit I would have written this day a bit differently.

I can’t be the only one who has had this sort of day.  Anyone else relate?

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