I am a huge fan of This Is Us and last night was the season 2 finale.  My mom and I made plans to watch it together.

Jake and I had pulled off a week of catching up with the show after we had fallen behind with Christmas and Olympics and wrestling and life in general.


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After catching up, we went out and bought new smoke alarms for our house because while my husband may mock my tears, the show effects him as well.

People who don’t watch the show ask me why I like it so much.  Jake mocks my crying in nearly every episode.  My mom burst out in tears while we watched it together.  Every time you watch it, your heart gets yanked around.

And I keep going back to watch it more.  The writing is that good.  The characters are flawed and I love them.  It’s all just so so so so good.

I never have watched Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, etc.  All these shows people have gotten wrapped up in and recommend.  Downton Abbey was my series to watch and This Is Us is far from a Downton experience, but ever so powerful and ever so good and while it is sadness it is also beauty and laughter and gumption and dreams and life.

It’s a show about messy beautiful life and I love it.

Experiencing it with my mom is even more fun.  Christine and I have been known to message each other after every episode as well, but it’s something else entirely to watch it with my mom.  We are both watching it as daughters, as mothers, as women and then throw in that she is my MOM.  I love it.  I love love love watching this show show with my mom.

She totally spoiled me with brownies layered in peanut butter and topped with chocolate. We had ice cream too, because, ICE CREAM.

And when the show was done we talked it all over.  And then we talked about life.  And knitting.  And lemon bars.  And books to read. And so very much more.

It’s great to be with my mom who I don’t have to explain a thing to, who sees my life and my people and we can just talk.  It was great to have time without kids or time restraints because I suddenly realized it was midnight and I was still sitting at her kitchen table.

S1 and S2 were texting me and reminding me how way past my curfew it was, and how they were sure to give me a hard time in the morning (teens are awesome).

Even as a mom myself, I still sent my mom a text when I got home to let her know I was home safely and I loved her.

When I got home, dinner was still on the oven, there were a few messes I wanted to clean up before I went to bed.  I poured myself a little glass of wine (because when Mom and I discussed that last night in one of our many all over the places conversations, I got thinking about the open bottle I had in the fridge at home) and I thanked God for my mom and for this memory I would be treasuring for forever.

As they ended This is Us season 2 with…

Randall, who offers an important sentiment: You can’t control what the future will bring, but you can control who you experience it with.

I am so thankful for my parents.  For my dad who was sick as could be with a cold and I could holler from the other room “GOODNIGHT, GIANT GERM FATHER!  I LOVE YOU!” and he could holler back, “GREAT SEEING YOU DAUGHTER, LOVE YOU TOO!” because that’s our way.  My heart bursts with love for my parents.

I know we can’t control the future, even if I have some amazingly awesome ideas of how the future should go.  I DO know the one who controls the future, my heavenly Father, God, who is a way better author than I could ever attempt to be.  I am so thankful that I get to experience the future with people as amazing as my parents.  As Kate so beautifully stated,

“You aren’t in my way; you are my way”



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