Spring Cleaning has begun here.

I don’t know about you but I think and think over what to do and hem and haw and drag my feet.  I was telling this to my mom who was over visiting one morning and maybe I made her coffee too awesome because she declared, “Let’s move that furniture around right now!”

And so we did.

It began a whole thing.

Moving the furniture around in the dining room meant rearranging something else somewhere else and that led to me looking for other things to add here and there.  I hung a photo in the dining room and all my family cheered. Seriously.

At the farm house I had photos everywhere but here our house is so big that while all the photos I had at the farmhouse are up, I have many blank walls and blank rooms and apparently it has been bothering the boys.  Who knew how much seeing memories in every room meant to them?  Obviously I didn’t.

Then I cleaned my kitchen cupboards.

Jake regularly opens the wrong cupboard looking for something and when it’s not there he declares loudly, “Why did you move it on me?”

Nothing in the cupboards has moved since we moved here.

So why not move everything on him?

I had been watching to see what cupboard he opened the most for whatever wrong thing and worked on moving items around to where he unconsciously had thought they should be.

I took everything out of the cupboard.  EVERYTHING.  I washed every shelf with my Mrs. Myers cleaning spray (do yourself a favor and check out Mrs. Myers.  Buy her lilac soap.  You’ll forever thank me…and think spring.) And thanks to Emily Ley’s book, I only put back what I knew we used.

All the other thing from my cupboard went down into the pantry where if we don’t miss or use, I will get rid of them…or (gasp!) send them on with Andrew (S1) when he heads to college in the fall (we are so not talking about that).

My spice cupboard was especially nightmarish.  For instance, I had FOUR allspice containers.  Why?  I had some spices that had expired in 2013…and obviously wasn’t using.  Tossing them felt oddly freeing.

When it was done, I couldn’t help myself.  I just kept opening my cupboards that before I only could put things away in because they were just too full to look at how pretty they were.  Isaac (S2) and I had found some pretty pastel flower plates at a garage sale last fall so I took out my every day dishes and added these instead and…days later, I just keep opening my cupboard to look at it all.



Try cleaning out something this week.  It does wonders for you soul.

And if you do something drastic like clean out your cupboards and move all the things around, your family will notice, I guarantee you.  It’s worth it just to see their reactions!

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