I am sitting at a bar, drinking water, watching Olympic curling, and wondering if I have enough elbow room to pull out my knitting to knit a bit.  I glance at my watch. Good grief, it’s 8:30. We REALLY need to get home to get to bed.

It was at this moment that I began giggling.  

How had this all become our life?

And what does it say about me that it made me completely happy?

I think I’ll just blame this whole post on the knitting.

Yes, Knitting. (To see how Knitting began for me, click HERE)

Well, it was certainly not a thing I ever imagined I would ever in a million and half years and then some be doing.  But here I am, knitting.

And I am SUCH a beginner.  

I give you this date night as a prime example.  All you knitting professionals will be dying of laughter and rolling your eyes at me.  All you new knitters will understand. And the rest of you will just get hooked on knitting, you have to, it’s awesome.

Wait, then you may snag all my awesome yarn buys.  DO NOT GET INTO KNITTING. It’s not all that awesome.  And it’s totally old fashioned.

Who am I kidding?  I am loooooooving knitting.

Okay, let’s just talk about this thrilling date night Jake and I had Saturday.

Let’s begin this date night by letting you know that on we had just missed our weekend away for the first time in oh about five years. We still had not gone on a date to even pretend to make up for our not going away for our weekend.  This is the first date we have been on in so long we cannot remember what we even did on our last date.

Also worth noting, we realized that last movie we had watched in a theatre.  Jake was going on and on and on about how we watch all these movies and I said, “Wait.  What was the LAST movie we saw in a theatre?” It was American Sniper. On opening night.  And we didn’t even know it was opening night. That was the last movie we saw together. We are big date goer outers.

I did BIG prep for this date.  I wore my hair in braids all day so it would have that big ol curly look he liked so much.  I had a new outfit picked out. And I had two coupons.

One to Hobby Lobby and one to JoAnn Fabrics.

That’s right, this was a YARN date.

I know my husband loves me a great deal when he plans our evening looking up the closest Hobby Lobby (who had 30 percent off all yarn) and JoAnn Fabrics.  Jake, by beloved, has never once set foot inside a Hobby Lobby and he noticed quickly all the guys that had been “drug there” by their wives too. But he did his part by showing enthusiasm over my gushing over ALL THE YARN.

My friend Naomi, who hooked me on this knitting trade, told me to get my yarn at Hobby Lobby and go to JoAnn’s to get my advice on how to begin my super big more than slightly intimidating project I am about to take on….making a sweater.

So we did.  We bought all the yarn.  We went to JoAnn fabrics and when I asked for help just like Naomi told me to, no one in the store knew how to knit and therefore could not help us.

My dear husband, not to be deterred, declared loudly, “So what?  We just hang out in the yarn area for some old woman to show up and ask her?”

To which a woman at the counter chirped up, “You need an old woman?”

I wanted the ground to swallow me whole.

“I’m an old woman!” she told us happily, and a very not looking old lady walked over to us, “What do you need help with?”

“My wife wants to knit a sweater.”

“I can help with that!” she answered happily and told me what needles to buy and told us how happy she could be an old lady to help us.

I am finding knitting people to be the awesomest.  

So we bought the knitting needles, I asked for a thingy you put yarn on and crank and it twirls it all up and makes it a cake or something so your yarn doesn’t knot.  I had hand motions for this. Very useful hand motions. If only Amazon would look at my hand motions and tell me what I need!!! But a woman, trying REALLY HARD not to laugh at me and NOT succeeding, told me I needed a swifter and that Hobby Lobby had them.

So we went back to Hobby Lobby but Hobby Lobby does not have a swifter and I even used my hand motions and great description to let them know what a swifter was in case they thought it was a mop (as it sounds like).  But no luck.

This cranker thingy to spin yarn into something called a cake like so, also known as a BALL WINDER is available on Amazon and is from Knit Picks. If you don’t know Knit Picks, get to know them. They are amazing!

After all this, I was so ready to knit and my husband looked like death warmed over.  “My head is killing me. I need coffee.” Apparently yarn shops are exhausting to him.  He required a large dose of Biggby coffee and some excedrin to feel human again.

I really felt that as a reward he should pick our dinner location and that is how we came upon our favorite small town restaurant, Old Mill.  It was packed and there wasn’t a place to sit but the hostess told us two spots at the bar had opened up and that is how we found ourselves sitting at bar, watching Olympic curling and drinking down water because shopping makes me ever so thirsty and all I really wanted to do was knit.  I had some mittens I was working on that I REALLY wanted done!

And as I sat there, not talking to my husband because he was so engrossed in helping coach the Curling team (they won because of him, just so you know, even though at the beginning of the Olympics he knew nothing of curling) and I just had to laugh because what a funny situation this is and how absolutely messy hilarious beautiful.  


This is the first post in my Sweater Adventure.  Now that Jake helped me get the yarn, watch for more posts on my Sweater Adventures.

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