One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to write down more often our daily tid bits.  I have a notebook styled planner I picked up and I can tell you already that Emily Ley has got me making lists and crossing them off.  In the beginning of the planner, because I picked it up after the new year, I have written down some of Emily Ley’s tips.  I found her book THAT helpful.

I had never had heard of Emily Ley before.  I don’t know if I lived under a rock or what because she sounds like all the things that gets my interest.

I REALLY want to read her latest book,  A Simplified Life but I can’t get my hands on a library copy.  I could, however, get her book Grace, Not Perfection, Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy.

I loooove her title.

This book is so pretty.  It’s a true delight to read just because of how pretty it is, how luxurious the pages felt.  How often do you say something like that about a book?

I first heard of Emily Ley on Jen Hatmaker‘s podcast, For the Love.  I listened to it one evening as I was knitting and waiting for a boy to get home and I ended up re-listening to it again the next day I enjoyed it so much.

Sunday I finally finished Grace, Not Perfection. I think I had checked it out and returned it two or three times but I knew I REALLY wanted to read this book.  I am so glad I finally carved out some time to get into it.  I would highly recommend this book to any new mama’s, but I gleaned a lot of just basic needed practical advice.

If I were to meet Emily Ley, I feel we would grin and hug and squeal in joy because I feel like she exudes joy.  You can hear it in her voice.  And then I would say, “Oh, honey, you are on the right track but guess what?  The older your kids get, the harder this gets.  And you have to FIGHT for the time you have with them.  So soak up every one of these moments but know, they are over in a flash.  A Blink.  It’s true.”

Some of the parts that had me saying “YES! YES!” were:

page 117

“In the age of everything fast-paced and high-speed, it’s still up to us to create community the old-fashioned way.  It takes awkward encounters, continually showing up, and putting ourselves out there.  And as much as we like to think we can go it alone, we need friends.  We might think we’re too busy to make an effort, but God wants friendship for us.  He wants us to feel understood and heard.  He wants us to have the joy that comes with real face time.”

A thousand times over YES.

I am about to dig into Fierce Faith by Alli Worthington and so this jumped off page 184 at me:

“So what are you afraid of?  What would it look like to step into a perfectly imperfect life that you were truly passionate about?  Would it be worth it to find real joy?  Your desire for a better life has to be stronger than your fear of what it may take to get there.  It’s a s simple as that.  Don’t put off creating the life you dream of because you’re afraid you can’t do it perfectly.  If you’re waiting on your ideal path to open up in front of you, clouds parting and pretty rainbows marking each step, you’re going to be waiting a while.  Today is the day.”

The next page is a huge shout out to all mama’s called “Mommy Guilt is a Liar” and it begins with a great quote “The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home.” – Harold B. Lee

In chapter thirteen on page 193 she wrote what made me realize just what best friends we could be…

“God is in the details.  In the small victories, the tiny milestones, the little achievements.  I vote that we celebrate those things more often than we dwell on the hard stuff or the insecurities.  How do we refocus? I recommend taking time to record your little victories for one whole day.  Prayers answered.  Moments of peace.  Simple solutions.  Grateful thoughts.”


Emily Ley ends her book so beautifully.  So amazing that I am writing it in my planner.

So, apparently Emily Ley MAKES planners.  Who has one?

I had no idea she made Simplicity Planners.  I had never even heard of them!

Today I listened to Emily Ley on Simply Joyful Podcast.  I, again, had never heard of Krisit Clover but when I searched Emily Ley on my podcast search, this podcast came up and I LOVED it.  And now I am a subscriber to Simply Joyful.  Because who doesn’t need one more podcast in their lives???

Listen to these podcasts and let me know what you think.

Jen Hatmaker with Emily Ley

Simply Joyful Pocast, guest Emily Ley

It will be like an online book club!


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  2. Thanks so much for sharing about my podcast!! So happy you enjoyed it! I loved having Emily on!! She’s so sweet!

    • life4boys says:

      Her latest book just arrived at the library for me and I squealed in joy. Thank you for that great interview, I am so glad I was able to find your podcast as well! Have a great Easter weekend!

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