I have found black slime.  Black slime that is so horrific it is the stuff a nightmare is made of.

Where did I find this nightmare black slime?

My.  Refrigerator.

I had a bowl full of soup that no on was eating and decided to dump out.  When I grabbed the bowl, I found it stuck to the shelf.  I got it pulled off and decided to scrub that shelf down.

You know how it goes then.

That shelf looked too clean then and it made the other shelves I had not noticed looking grimy really grimy so I began pulling each shelf off and scrubbing it down.

I couldn’t figure out how to get the drawers of the fridge out and I don’t feel like I have ever gotten them out before and after some finagling, I had freed them and was soaking them when I began to scrub the back of the fridge.

I felt my hand bump something and when I pulled my hand out from the back of the fridge, it was covered in blackness.

Black. Slime.

I quickly wiped it off and leaned my head down to see what I may be dealing with and that’s when the scent hit me.

Apparently, when I hit the black slime with my hand I had awakened it’s nightmarishness and it awoke with an overpowering scent.

I looked for who was going to save me from this and realized it’s just me.

Being an adult is so much fun.

I reached my hand back and grabbed ahold of what was left of a produce bag.  But the bag had begun disintegrating and it immediately began dripping out.  I ran it to the garbage and then immediately hurried to the sink to scrub my hands.

While scrubbing my hands I thought that I should really document this so I grabbed my phone to take a picture of the black slime but, I can not make this up, it was gone.  It had drained all down into the garbage bag.

There is only thing to do in this situation.  Run the entire garbage can outside to the dumpster.

I have never been so happy to know garbage day was the very next morning.

I scrubbed that fridge as it had never been scrubbed before.  When I got it all put back together, the smell was still over powering.  I scrubbed everything I could with Mrs. Meyers cleaning spray and then I lit a candle.  That candle was magical.  No one knew of the black slime nightmare  I had dealt with.

No one even noticed I had scrubbed the fridge.

But me? I keep looking in at that fridge and loving seeing how clean and sparkly and free of black slime it is.


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