I never imagined I would be knitting but here I am, hooked.  Addicted.  Knotted up in knitting.

A long time ago, before the internet was something everyone had, in “the olden days”, I had a magazine sent to my house.  It was Martha Stewart Living and in one edition she had an article on how to make a crocheted Granny Square Bookmark.  And I did that.  I figured it out and made it and then figured I could move on to other bigger crocheted things but Alas, it was not to be.

My friend Naomi knitted.  She would arrive at the library for book club with her knitting and knit away as she chatted with us and I thought it seemed like such a nice hobby.  Good for her!

Naomi came to visit and watch the Rose Bowl Parade with me on New Year’s Day.  She brought her knitting and I so hoped she would teach me a thing or two but, alas, she did not.  She knitted away while we drank tea and talked books.

Then, on a sunny Sunday January 7th day, Naomi dropped off a ball of wool yarn and two knitting needles.  “Have fun!” she wrote in a note that she left with her delivery.

And that was how she left it.

Let me take this moment to say while this seems like a terrible cruel thing to do to a girl, Naomi is the sweetest person I have ever met so cruelty is not possible for her.

I looked up a video on youtube on how to knit.  This video is the one that taught me to knit….


And this is where I tell you I absolutely cannot watch this video anymore because after watching and replaying it a million and one half times, the mere sound of her voice makes me go crazy and S3 and I mock and quote it to each other.  HOWEVER, that is our problem alone because really, this video taught us to knit so I will forever be thankful. I just can’t listen to it.

I would attempt to figure it out, S3 would tell me what I was doing wrong (keep in mind, he knows as much about knitting as I do), and we would retry.

I knitted that little ball of wool all the way to the end, undid it (and cried a little) and did it again.

In what was as shocking to me as much as anyone else, I took to knitting.

On Thursday my mom came over with a knitting bag.  Five years earlier she had knitted all the girls in the family scarves for Christmas and had never done anything else again.  She decided to try again.  She had a set of needles for S3 as well.

On Saturday, early in the morning before we had to rush off to basketball, my friend Christine set me up with a huge bag of yarn and sets of needles and told me to come back if we needed more.  S3 and I were as ecstatic as could be.  Naomi came over later in the day and we knitted and drank hot tea and ate delicious cake.


We decided I should make a scarf and so I poured myself into that scarf.  I worked on that scarf every single evening.  I would knit every morning as I drank my coffee.  I knitted anytime Jake drove me somewhere.  I knitted in the school pick up line.

I felt as though I had been given some sort of secret power and it wasn’t really supposed to be mine so I had to use it as much as I could before the power left me and went to someone else.

I may have been under a bit of stress at this time – leaving my job – and my franticness was bordering on a little crazy (even I admit that) but when I sat in front of my fire place and began to knit, I would feel soothed.  The sound of the needles, the feel of the yarn (and I didn’t know if it was called string or yarn or something else), the crackling of the fireplace…it was therapeutic to me.

I used up every last bit of yarn. It was very obviously not going to be a scarf and whenever Jake mentioned making it a pot holder I gave him the coldest death glare.

When Naomi saw the scarf she couldn’t help but laugh and laugh.  She apologized profusely as I sat next to her that Saturday.  “I just have to ask…are you Dutch?’

She is also and please note that I did my very very best to use up all the yarn and not waste a single bit…

I feel my Dutch Great Grandma would appreciate my dedication to this project.

“Let’s get a finished project for you!” she pronounced and we went through all the yarn I had been given, found a soft fluffy yarn, pulled out some big needles and by Thursday, I was beaming.


I don’t think anyone could have been more ecstatic or thrilled than I was in this moment.  I may have worn this scarf every single day for way too long.

One day I was at work and went on facebook marketplace to see if I could post my position I was leaving and THERE WAS YARN FOR SALE.  Facebook just KNOWS.  I immediately contacted the woman who said she was waiting for someone to pick it up and I prayed no harm would befall this person but that they would NOT buy that yarn.  And God answers yarn prayer because my husband bought that box of yarn from Tracy who ended up being someone he knew (of course he would!).  Tracy thought I was so funny she friend requested me.  These knitting yarn people, we are a close knit group I am noticing!

I was SO EXCITED that my husband had gone and bought me yarn I declared I would make him a hat!

Bless my heart, I had no idea how to do this but with all this beautiful yarn and a perfect color for his hat, how could this not work out for me?

Naomi and her husband travel across the country in their tiny house semi with their two young sons.  Her being home the month of January was a true gift to me.  She may have a different version of the story!  I had to be the most annoying friend asking her a million and a half questions.  Bless her, she was as patient and kind as could be.  I stayed at her house until way too late on a very foggy night just to work on Jake’s hat.  I knew I HAD to have it done before she left.  When that hat was done, I very literally had blisters on my fingers and my fingers were screaming in pain but my absolute joy over that hat was through the roof.


Apparently my manic behavior over knitting was becoming epidemic because S3 knitted his teacher a scarf, then made himself one, then made himself a hat with ear flaps.  The boys is going to far out knit me!

His hat he ended up adding ear flaps too.  Later he sewed felt inside of it.  This hat is WARM!

Working on  a scarf for a teacher.


He liked the scarf for his teacher so much that he whipped himself out one in just over a weekend.  Keep in mind, in January he had wrestling and Odyssey of the Mind.  It’s not like he was bored with nothing to do.


Eli knitted as soon as he got home from practice and anytime we ran errands to get his projects done.



On any given night you could find S3 and I working away on any project.  This photo has so much going on in it, I love it for his messy every day moment.  Check out the coffee, the mess, the legos, the boys blocking the sunlight to watch movies, the bean boozled game…..this photo makes me laugh.

My mom made herself a gorgeous rich scarf with the yarn she had been holding on to for over five years and I was lucky enough to be with her when she finished it so I could capture her elation in a photo.

Naomi, who is an expert knitter (she says she is not but she totally is), got me watching Elizabeth Zimmermann‘s soothing voiced knitting videos, my library books became all knitting how to’s, she answered innumerable texts, she dealt well with my crestfallenness at making yet another mistake and fully celebrated with me every time I finished a project or learned a new stitch and she was so inspired by teaching me to knit that she finished a sweater she had been working on for I don’t know how long.

I’d be lost without Naomi and she has given me such a gift – yes, with the needles and yarn she dropped off to me that sunny Sunday – but so much more with her dear friendship.

Apparently, this knitting super power realizes that I love it so much it’s going to stick around a bit longer for me.  And I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Watch for a LOT more knitting posts and let me know if you knit or crochet (S3 picked up crochet this week and we plan to work hard on crochet next winter).  If you knit, tell me why you love it and what project you are working on and just everything you want to tell me about.  I want to hear from all of you about this!

Isn’t it so fun?!


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