Continuing the the theme that I am my own personal comedy, I thought I would tell you our muskrat story.

And why DID the muskrat cross the road?  Just so you could laugh at this story.

Here in our Village we have this bunch of houses around some ponds.  Jake calls them swamps.  I call them nature and a nice place to walk.

Last fall we were walking out there and I found my first muskrat.  Ever seen one?  They are like my two worst fears getting married and having a baby.  If an opossum and a rat bred, they would give birth to a muskrat.

I am also rather fascinated by them because they build these house things in the water.  These house things have names, I don’t know what they are called because I am not in any way a muskrat expert.

I was walking Liberty with my Mom one sunny day and I wanted to show her this new house that is being built.  It’s so Chip and Jo and I love the design of the white and black and it’s gush worthy.  It’s also worth walking to.

As we walked, I happened to catch out of the corner of my eye and there, there on the side of the road, was a muskrat.


I have tried (and failed) to take photos of these things to share with others who don’t believe me that they exist in our Village and here was one RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

“Mom!” I squealed, “There is a muskrat!  I have to get a photo!”

And then I took a video.


The thing took off and Liberty was going crazy and the man whose driveway I was standing next to started laughing at me.

I am my own walking comedy show!

“It ran under the truck!  It’s headed to the pond!”

He laughed.  “You could take it home with you.”

“Um. No. Never.”

My boys were so disappointed in me that I didn’t catch it somehow that they have been scheming how to get me to catch one another time.

Because they know just like I know that I will find another muskrat who has to cross the road again.

My mom had been holding her breath while the thing ran across the road in front of us and when it had gotten a good distance she let it out in a laugh.

“See?” I said, “This sort of stuff happens to me ALL THE TIME!”

Seriously.  Tales will be told of me and my dog Liberty.

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