A friend sent me a photo of a shirt that said Mom of Boys and told me I HAD to get it.

I have never purchased any of these boy mom shirts.  I keep thinking I will but I never do.

My friend was adamant and it was adorable.  Like, sooooo adorable.

So I agreed and she was all YES!  This is how it will happen!  And she contacted the shop owner, she got her parents to pick it up for me, her parents dropped it off to me at work and all this happened before I had the check in the mail to her.

This shirt was meant to be mine.



I have had a lot of people asking about it.  I mean, how can you not?  IT’S ADORABLE!  It’s so soft.  And it makes me feel amazing.  Jake said I look hot in it.  So there’s that too.

So here is a link to ordering it.  I hope all my moms of boys get one!


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