Today the boys go back to school after a week of spring break.  And I was brilliant and changed my work schedule so I had today off.


Thinking of the dreaded moment of waking them up and getting back to a routine of school we were so desperate for a break from reminded me of just before break the lengths S2 went to so I would let him sleep.


I give you this example.

He wrote:

Let Me Sleep

Luke 31

And as ye would that men should do to you do ye also them likewise.

He had this taped over his light switch.

I would also like to point out that there is NO Luke 31.

Good try!

He later found what verse he meant it to be but by then it was too late and I was laughing too much.

I love his creativity!  And his determination.

The next morning I found this.


Not only was it taped over the light switch, the light switch itself was taped down.

Good try, buddy.

On Wednesday, he had more creativity left and this same note was on his light switch but the light switch was taped so tightly down that I did have a moment of peeling all the tape off.

Good try, didn’t work.

By Thursday he had given up and just got up for school.  With a moan and groan and whine but still.

Luke 31.  Still making me laugh.  Can’t hardly type this without laughing some more.  He’s a funny one, that S2.

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