This song is on repeat for me.  Over and over and over again.

Maybe you needed it too.

One night I was driving to pick up one of the boys and my spirit was heavy.  As I was driving, the fog came floating across the fields and enveloped me in my super suburban.  I knew the roads.  I have driven these roads so often.  But everything seemed different.  And it oddly fit.  Fog all over?  Yup, that seems to fit exactly with how I feel.

I had just checked this cd out from the library and this song came on and it pierced my heart.  I mean, right to my heart.

And as I turned into the drive to get my son, the fog was suddenly clear.  Just there.  Just where I had to turn.

My word for this year is BELIEVE and it all of it all together, well, this song has been on repeat since then.

Even when I don’t meant to be, I’m singing it.

Maybe someone else needs it too.

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