All our oldest son’s wisdom left him today.

In the form of four teeth.


His wisdom teeth are gone.

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When S4 realized that he now officially has MORE TEETH THAN HIS BIG BROTHER, he went on a “ooooo, yah, I have more teeth than you!” rant.  It wasn’t annoying at all (eye roll).

But today, in your hurry scurry of the day, take the time to be thankful for things like…

being able to chew your food

using a straw

eating something that isn’t mostly liquid

not needing tylenol or motrin every two hours

Once upon a time, our oldest had one of those things in his upper jaw that you had to crank with a little key.  A spacer, I think it was called.  We had to crank that thing every morning and every night.  My husband was fascinated by it.  Me, not so much.

Then S1 was gifted with braces.  And they almost always had green rubber bands in them.

So when the dentist said his wisdom teeth were coming in on an angle and pushing all his teeth to make them crooked, we knew they had to go.

We didn’t crank that spacer and get him braces for nothing.

His brothers are bummed that S1 was not put under for the extraction.  They were REALLY hoping S1 would be ridiculous and become youtube famous so they could laugh at him forever.


Instead we all, after five hours at the dentist between all our appointments, come home on this rainy day to pretty much sleep and do nothing but watch tv and eat chicken noodle soup all night.

Sometimes we are boring.  Tonight we are very boring.  And it feels wonderful.

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