As parents, we love to brag on our kids.  I mean, we did give birth to them so they could become brilliant, talented, amazing individuals, right?

It amazed me when I was holding these little baby boys of mine and loving them so much I thought my heart would literally burst out of my chest and not knowing a single thing about them.

And all growing up I just pray that they will Love God, Love People, and Be the Person they are supposed to be.

Sounds so easy.  It’s so hard.

But when you see their eyes light up and you know they are doing something they love?  And bonus points if they are good at it?  Oh, how my heart leaps in a happy dance jig.

Last year my boys poured their hearts into some work at our school wood shop.  You have read how our oldest made the Christian Shively cabinet.


And I may have mentioned a time or two how awesome our second oldest made a table that was big enough for a big crowd.  He also made a bench to go along the side so we could cram a ton of people around our table.


These boys gave us huge gifts.  I tell them all the time that one day when they go to move these things into their homes, they must make me replicas.

I don’t feel it’s too much to ask, do you?

The dining room table literally was put together in our dining room.  It’s too huge to fit in any door.  So we are pretty much stuck with it.

Not that I mind.

When someone raves over it, I can’t lie, I love to say “My boys made these things.”

And it’s great to see the pride they have in their work as well.

Last year, our beloved Wood Shop teacher retired.  I cried.  Yes, me.  I did.  I gave him a hug and I cried.

This school year we have gone through two wood shop teachers.  Right now we are looking for our third.  In one school year.  Our oldest had hoped to compete again this year with wood working, that isn’t going to happen.  These boys of mine?  They are not even in wood shop anymore.

So when Clint Harp of Harp Design Co posted that he wanted to see the projects people did, I had to brag on the boys.

I wanted to remind the boys that they made these amazing heirlooms.

And it helps that we watch Fixer Upper together, the boys and I, and our oldest especially calls out every kind of wood he sees that Clint is working on.

I am thankful for these tv shows, for Mike Rowe, out there telling everyone that the trades are not dead.  That they have an amazing talent and it can be used to make heirloom things like the cabinet and table with bench in our dining room or the shelf that is hanging in their bedroom or the cutting board that we use that they made.

And since I have a blog, well, I am just going to brag on them here as well.

But truly, thank you Chip and Joanna Gaines (GO READ THEIR BOOK!), Clint and Kelly Harp and Mike Rowe for going out there and doing your job and doing your job well.  For having fun with it.  And yes, even being a bit of an example to some boys growing up here in a little bitty midwest town that needed to be reminded again this year that THEY ARE AWESOME.  And their mama is as proud as can be of them.

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