Lessons learned Sunday:

If you boil eggs to spoil your children with egg salad but head out to soak up sunshine with same wonderful boys and forget all about the eggs on the stove THEY WILL EXPLODE.

And your children will witness it and never forget the image of eggs exploding from the pot to every surface on the floor, walls, window, ceiling, everything on the counters.

The boys will think it’s cool. You will not. You will want to cry. The boys will then feel bad for you and hug you.  And your husband will be furious and inform you how badly your house smells. The house that smelled like spring and had been scrubbed (counters, walls, floor) on Wednesday will smell of over cooked exploded egg.
And now you know.

Seriously, it was horrible.

We finally have some weird weather pattern that is spring like this weekend.  We have record highs and sunshine, oh blessed sunshine, after being the CLOUDIEST and GRAYEST place in the WORLD these past two months.  Seriously.  We won that competition that I would rather have lost.

Sunday was a lazy day and the boys have been asking for egg salad sandwiches.  They love them.  So I set to boiling 18 eggs after dinner to make up the egg salad for lunches the next day.

But someone came in and needed me “real quick” and real quick turned into I don’t know how long and as we walked up to the house that my husband has been scraping paint off all the live long weekend long, S4 declared loudly “The eggs are done!”

“Oh my gosh!” I exclaimed, “I forgot about the eggs!”

And then I heard “WHOA!” and sever laughter as the eggs exploded out of the pan.

They coated everything.  It was awful.  When I looked at the ceiling, I wanted to cry.

Jake came running into the house just after I saw the awful mess and was not happy.

S4 saw I was just overwhelmed by the mess and gave me a hug.  Then the boys ran outside to play.  S2 said “I’ll help, Mama” and his six foot height was perfect for reaching the ceiling easily.

S2 also knew that I had spent all day on Wednesday scrubbing the counters, the cupboards, the walls, the floors … all my boys but one have been sick this week and I took one day that my plans got cancelled and just scrubbed the house within an inch of it’s life with bleach.

Note:  I hate bleach.

But now it was covered in egg.

With S2’s help it didn’t take as long as I thought it would take to clean up.  The smell is atrocious though.  Even still today.

But the boys are having a TON of fun recounting the story for anyone and everyone who will listen.  And even if they didn’t feel they wanted or needed to listen.  It’s just too good a story for them not to tell.

And did I get a picture?  I wish I had.  I really do.  Now.  But in that moment, I never wanted to remember how the entire floor was covered in egg.

Exploding eggs.  Yup, it can happen.

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One Response to Exploding Eggs

  1. Tonya says:

    A pic would have been great! But I don’t blame you for not wanting to remember.

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